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    Understanding the FATCA Risk

    An analysis of recent U. S. Department of Justice tax enforcement efforts and predicting future enforcement activity aimed at offshore and Asian financial institutions.

    Domain Name Theft: Execution, Recovery & Prevention

    This session will look at the growing problem of domain name thefts, with fraudsters often using offshore jurisdictions in an attempt to keep what they have stolen, and steps that can be taken to recover stolen domains, obtain damages, and protect against future thefts.

    Inside The UBS & HSBC Leaks

    OffshoreAlert has assembled a panel of the most important people in the history of whistleblowing to take you inside the UBS and HSBC leaks and discuss material issues, including the treatment of whistleblowers by law enforcement and tax collection agencies, how the system can be improved, the extent of global tax evasion and the involvement of the world's major banks.

    The Lure Of The BVI: Why Is It THE Place For Chinese, Russians & Other Foreigners?

    For many years, the British Virgin Islands has been the King of Incorporations in the offshore world, proving to be particularly popular with citizens of China and Russia in recent times. This session will look at why the BVI is so attractive to foreigners seeking to set up offshore shell entities, what the jurisdiction offers that rivals don't, what is so appealing about its legal structures, and what they are being used for.

    Grappling with a Government-Sponsored Fraudster

    This session will advance certain counter-measures that can allow fraud victims seeking recovery to overcome seemingly-insurmountable obstacles in countries where the government and regulators shamelessly assist and protect fraudsters.

    Web-Sites That Short Stocks & Then Expose Them: Are They Making Money?

    This session will look at investigative web-sites whose financial model is to profit from price falls in publicly-listed securities. They do this by identifying red flags in publicly-listed companies, shorting their shares, and then publishing the negative information for other investors to make of what they will.

    Offshore Investigations & Fraud Detection: A Practical Guide

    Investigators who are experienced in conducting investigations and gathering intelligence in Offshore Financial Centers will discuss what information is typically publicly-available in OFCs, the importance of developing a network of contacts in jurisdictions that pride themselves on secrecy, and how to identify red flags that might suggest wrongdoing.

    Statute of Limitations – Beware the Snake in the Grass

    This session will examine statute of limitation issues from the perspective of a litigant seeking to attack the transfer of funds to a trust set up in 'trust-friendly' jurisdictions, in particular the Cook Islands, The Bahamas, Cyprus and Nevis.

    Offshore Insolvencies: Round-Up of Important Developments

    A look at recent developments in areas as varied as the choice of jurisdiction to wind up foreign companies, the power to issue anti-suit injunctions to prevent aggressive creditors from seeking inequitable priority, the existence of a power at common law to assist foreign insolvency office holders and the duties of insolvency office holders.

    The IRS vs. Offshore Tax Evaders: An Update

    This session will look at the latest developments in the quest by the IRS to collect taxes from U.S. taxpayers with undeclared accounts in foreign jurisdictions and to prosecute and penalize those taxpayers whose structures are considered to be illegal and the service providers who assist them.

    Opening Remarks

    An introduction to the conference, its aims and a breakdown of who is in attendance.