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    Bankrupt crypto lender Celsius sues 1,300+ individuals and entities that ‘each received preferential transfers of more than $100K’

    Clawback complaints for hundreds of millions of dollars have been filed in New York over the last five days against more than 1,300 individuals and entities around the world, including investment funds and companies in Australia, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and United States, that allegedly each received "preferential transfers" of more than $100,000 from U.S.-based crypto lender Celsius Network in the 90 days before it filed for bankruptcy in 2022.

    U.S. files forfeiture complaint against $4.1M that DEA seized from ‘illegal BVI money transmitter’ Smart Focus International Fund

    The United States has filed a forfeiture complaint against $4.1 million that the Drug Enforcement Administration previously seized from a U.S. bank account belonging to Argentina-based, British Virgin Islands-domiciled Smart Focus International Fund Ltd., which allegedly operated as an unregistered money transmitter for two months in 2021, during which it allegedly transmitted $37 million.

    Letter purports to link cyber attack on OffshoreAlert’s website to British fraudster David Kennedy

    OffshoreAlert has received a bizarre 'Cease and Desist' letter that purports to link last week's prolonged cyber attack on our website to British investment fraudster David Kennedy, who was criminally convicted in England on May 3rd for his involvement in a £121 million investment fraud perpetrated by Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, which collapsed after being exposed by OffshoreAlert in 2012.

    Bankruptcy Trustee of indicted Chinese ‘$1B fraudster & launderer’ Ho Wan Kwok sues Ogier BVI for $350K & others for $28M

    The U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee of New York-based, Chinese national Ho Wan Kwok, who is in custody awaiting trial for allegedly laundering more than $1 billion of fraud proceeds, has sued British Virgin Islands law firm Ogier in an attempt to recover $350,000 in 'unauthorized transfers', one of 23 recently-filed complaints against entities in Australia, BVI, England, Italy, Japan, and U.S. seeking to recover a total of $28.7 million in 'unauthorized or fraudulent' transfers.

    Swedish national Jon Malmsäter’s SCF Brazil Cayman fund goes into liquidation

    Another Cayman Islands mutual fund - SCF Brazil, Cayman Feeder SPC - associated with the Miami-based, Brazil-focused Prudent Group has collapsed, this one operated by Swedish national Jon Malmsäter, who has a history of dubious investment schemes, indebtedness, tax problems, and even domestic violence.

    Cayman funds headed by U.S.-based Dennis Klemming go into liquidation

    Two Cayman Islands investment funds operated by Miami Beach-based Swedish citizen Dennis Klemming - Cayman Investment Funds Master SPC and Cayman Investment Funds SPC - have gone into liquidation after being unable to satisfy investors' redemption requests totaling nearly $50 million.

    Kadeem Maynard sentenced to 57 months in prison for ‘conspiring with BVI Premier Andrew Fahie to import cocaine into U.S.’

    British Virgin Islands national Kadeem Maynard has been sentenced to 57 months in prison at federal court in Miami after previously pleading guilty to one count of conspiring with his mother, Oleanvine Maynard, and former BVI Premier Andrew Fahie to import cocaine into the United States. Fahie's jury trial on drugs trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering charges is due to start on January 8th, 2024.

    Cayman depositor of Silicon Valley Bank sues FDIC over ‘illegal $250K transfer’

    A depositor of the Cayman Islands branch of California-based Silicon Valley Bank is suing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the United States for allegedly illegally transferring its entire balance of $250,000 out of its account. Cayman-domiciled Knight League Limited alleges conversion, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract.

    Centurion Group life settlement funds go into liquidation in Cayman after auditor resigns

    Four Cayman Islands life settlement investment funds that are part of Bermuda national David Rawson-Mackenzie's Centurion Group have gone into liquidation after their auditor resigned due to "concerns" about how business was being conducted, namely Argent Fund SPC, Defined Return Fund Plc, Life Settlement Strategy Fund SPC, and Defined Returns Partnership LP, three of which appear to have been suspended for over 12 years.

    British fugitive fraudster Anthony Constantinou implicated in new forex and crypto scheme involving Greek broker Ardu Prime

    British fugitive fraudster Anthony Constantinou has allegedly been participating in a new forex trading and crypto scheme that may have swindled investors out of tens of millions of dollars and involves entities and individuals in or from the Cayman Islands, England, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates and USA, including Greek financial broker Ardu Prime and Dubai-based financial technology firm ClearTech Industries, OffshoreAlert can reveal.

    Investor prepares to sue Credit Suisse in Switzerland after ‘losing $13.5M in Wirecard’

    Marshall Islands firm Nike Shipholding Corporation has filed a discovery application in New York as it prepares to sue its investment adviser, Credit Suisse, in Switzerland after investing $15 million in fraudulently-operated German payment-processor Wirecard AFTER Wirecard had already been exposed by the Financial Times newspaper and not long before it filed for bankruptcy, allegedly suffering a loss of $13.5 million.