Dr. Musallam Bin Ali Bin Musallam v. Ibrahim Bin Ali Bin Musallam et al: Fixed Date Claim Form

Fixed Date Claim Form in Dr. Musallam Bin Ali Bin Musallam v. Ibrahim Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Majed Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Fatima Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Noura Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Nawal Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Dalal Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Lamah Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Wadha Bint Ali Bin Nassib, Sultan Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Faisal Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Hussain Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Khuloud Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Fatimah Bint Mohammad Al-Sharegh, Fayezah Bint Ali Al-Duwaish Al-Jarbaa, Mansour Bin Ali Bin Musallam, Hanouf Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Almaha Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Anoud Bint Ali Bin Musallam, Arafah Bint Ali Bin Musallam, and Nearland Properties Inc. at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

BTU Power Company: Winding-Up Petition

Winding-Up Petition Qatar Investment Authority, Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment, and Qatar Foundation Fund v. BTU Power Company at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

SPhinX Ltd. (In Official Liquidation) et al v. Refco Public Commodity Pool LP et al

Writ of Summons filed at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands by SPhinX Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), SPhinX Strategy Fund Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), PlusFunds Manager Access Fund SPC Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), SPhinX Managed Futures Fund SPC (In Official Liquidation), and SPhinX Plus SPC Ltd. (In Official Liquidation) against Refco Public Commodity Pool LP, formerly known as S&P Managed Futures Index Fund LP; Rydex Capital Partners SPhinX Fund, Rydex Capital Partners I LLC, King Tut Investments LLC, Global Macro Fund Ltd., Index Recovery Company LP, formerly known as SPhinX Managed Futures Index Fund LP; SPhinX Managed Futures LP, Refco Offshore Managed Futures Fund Ltd. (In Voluntary Liquidation), Merrill Lynch International, JP Morgan Securities Ltd., Deutsche Bank London Branch, SPhinX Access Limited, KBC Investment Limited, OFI Palmares, formerly known as Ofivalmo Palmares; Societe Generale Bank & Trust Luxembourg, UBS AG London Branch; Citco Global Custody NV, Bawag PSK Invest GmbH, Multi Strategy Fund Ltd., BIH SA, CDP Capital Inc., Bawag PSK Bank, Qatar Telecom, Cominvest Asset Management GmbH, HFC Ltd., and HFC LLC.

Merchantbridge Holdings Inc. et al v. Bluewood Inc. et al

Writ of Summons filed by Merchantbridge Holdings (Cayman) Limited and Merchantbridge Holdings Inc. against Bluewood Inc., The Estate of Basim Al-Rahim,  Rend Al-Rahim Francke, Fadi Ghandour, and Raywood Inc. at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on June 21, 2011.

Kaupthing Bank hf.: Chapter 15 Petition

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in Iceland by Olafur Gardarsson, as the Foreign Representative of Kaupthing Bank hf., at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

First Cayman Bank loot used to pay off fraud judgment, claim liquidators

Part of the estimated $5.5 million allegedly looted from the First Cayman Bank/Gulf Union Bank group in 1997 went to satisfy a $1.75 million fraud judgment in the United States, according to the liquidators.The fraud had been committed by Sheikh Abdus Shimmy Qureshi and his now defunct Florida firm Escue Management Inc., it was alleged.

First Cayman Bank Ltd. v. Jabor Bin Mohamed Al Thani et al: Writ of Summons

Writ of Summons in First Cayman Bank Ltd. (in Liquidation) v. Jabor Bin Mohamed Al Thani, Khalifa Bin Jabor Al Thani, Khalid Bin Jabor Al Thani, Massood Hussain Khan, Gulf Converting Industries Company Ltd., and Syed Fayyad Hussain, all of Qatar, at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Al Thani lawsuit is not related to First Cayman Bank

Eyebrows were raised in Cayman this month when a lawsuit was filed at the Grand Court by Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani against Strand Overseas Investment Limited. The Al Thani family, you may recall, owns Gulf Union Bank and its subsidiaries, First Cayman Bank and Gulf Union (Bahamas).

Details about the collapse of First Cayman Bank

Two loans - one of more than $5 million to the owner and another of about $10 million to Texas oil-man Tom Hajecate - form a major part of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority inquiry into the collapse of First Cayman Bank, Offshore Alert can reveal. These and further details about the bank's financial problems have emerged over the last few days - a period in which this newsletter has been threatened with legal action by government minister McKeeva Bush, who is a director of First Cayman, and warned by his lawyer that we faced criminal prosecution if we continued to pursue the story.
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