Hawksford Trust Company Jersey Ltd.: Public Statement

Public Statement by Jersey Financial Services Commission that it has "concluded" that Hawksford Trust Company Jersey Limited "breached certain principles" of the Financial Services (Trust Company Business (Assets - Customer Money)) (Jersey) Order 2000 and Code of Practice for Trust Company Business. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert in the Jersey corporate register showed that Hawksford Trust Company Jersey Limited was incorporated in Jersey on August 8th, 1963 and, in its 2020 annual return, signed by director Darren Kelland, its sole shareholder was identified as Hawksford Group Holdings Limited, which was incorporated in Jersey on May 15th, 2017 and, in its 2020 annual return, its sole shareholder was identified as Hawksford Holdings Limited, which was incorporated in Jersey on August 12th, 2008 and, in its 2020 annual return, its shareholders were identified as Dunedin Buyout Fund II LP, a private equity fund in Scotland; Dunedin (SAPE) GP Nominees Limited, acting as nominee for Equity Harvest Fund LP, of Scotland; Michael Edmund Powell, Louis Philip Chetwynd Taylor, James Webster Howe, Boota Singh Kular, Stephen David John Spybey, all of Jersey; Jacqueline Anne Low, of Singapore; Matthew Andrew Wilkinson, Daniel Richard Hainsworth, Gerardus Jan Michel van Leeuwen, Stephen Spybey and Gerardus van Leeuwen, as Trustees of the Hawksford Holdings Limited EBTl Darren Thomas Kelland, all of Jersey; Stefano Passarello, of Hong Kong; Dario Acconci, of Singapore; Marta Giordano, of Hong Kong; Giacomo Stoppa, of Hong Kong; Peter Zhu, of China, and Aldford Street Nominees Limited, of England.

Elizabeth von Pezold et al v. Zimbabwe: Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award

Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award of $263 million, £10 million, ZAR745,498, and €1,163, plus interest, for "Zimbabwe's expropriation of the von Pezolds' property" in Elizabeth Regina Maria Gabriele von Pezold, of Austria; Anna Eleonore Elisabeth Webber, of Austria; Heinrich Bernd Alexander Josef von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Maria Juliane Andrea Christiane Katharina Batthyàny, of Austria; Georg Philipp Marcel Johann Lukas von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Felix Alard Moritz Hermann, of Switzerland; Johann Friedrich Georg Ludwig von Pezold, of Scotland, and Adam Friedrich Carl Leopold Franz Severin von Pezold, of the Czech Republic, collectively descibed as "all members of the von Pezold family and are all German and Swiss nationals" v. Republic of Zimbabwe at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Kumtor Gold Company CJSC et al: Chapter 11 Petition

Chapter 11 Petition by Kumtor Gold Company CJSC and Kumtor Operating Company CSJC, both of the Kyrgyz Republic and owned by Centerra Gold Inc., of Toronto, Canada, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Creditors include companies in Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, England, Finland, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, and Switzerland.

Cairn Energy Plc et al v. Air India Ltd.: Complaint

Complaint "to determine and resolve questions of actual controversy involving the relationship between India's wholly-owned national airline, Air India, and India, and in particular, whether Air India is the alter ego of India" and for "a money judgment adjudging that Air India is jointly and severally liable to satisfy the judgment Plaintiffs expect to be awarded against India based on a pending petition to confirm an arbitration award" for $1.2 billion in Cairn Energy Plc and Cairn UK Holdings Limited, both of Scotland v. Air India Ltd., of India, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Christopher Shaw: Disqualification

Prohibition Order by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission against Christopher Henry Shaw, of Glentrool Forest, South Ayrshire, Scotland.

Christopher Shaw et al: News Release

News Release by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission announcing penalties against Christopher Henry Shaw, John Adam Robilliard, and Bruce David McNaught.

USA v. Peter Weinzierl et al: Criminal Indictment

Criminal Indictment alleging the "laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in connection with the scheme to defraud the government of Brazil and to pay bribes to foreign officials" involving Brazilian firm Odebrecht SA and other companies and individuals in Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland, and the USA in USA v. Peter Weinzierl and Alexander Waldstein, both Austrian former bankers, at the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.
Minette Coetzee and Paul Segal

EXPOSED: Symtomax Group’s fraudulent €12M Bond Offering

A €12 million bond offering by British nationals Minette Coetzee, a.k.a. Minette Compson, and Paul Segal via their Symtomax Group for a purported medical cannabis production facility in Portugal is fraudulent, OffshoreAlert can reveal. The scheme involves entities and individuals in the BVI, Canada, Dubai, England, Gibraltar, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Caledonia management ‘destroyed records’, ex-chairman involved in new firm

Insiders at Bahamas based financial services firm Caledonia Corporate Management Group appear to have destroyed corporate emails shortly before putting the massively insolvent and allegedly fraudulently operated company into voluntary liquidation, according to liquidator Anthony Kikivarakis, of Deloitte & Touche