Amaplat Mauritius Ltd. et al v. Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation et al: Complaint

Complaint "to recognize and enforce the judgment of the High Court of Zambia ... in favor of Plaintiffs and against Defendants Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and the Chief Mining Commissioner, Ministry of Mines of Zimbabwe" in Amaplat Mauritius Ltd. and Amari Nickel Holdings Zimbabwe Ltd., both of Mauritius v. Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, The Chief Mining Commissioner, Ministry of Mines of Zimbabwe, and the Republic of Zimbabwe at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Elizabeth von Pezold et al v. Zimbabwe: Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award

Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award of $263 million, £10 million, ZAR745,498, and €1,163, plus interest, for "Zimbabwe's expropriation of the von Pezolds' property" in Elizabeth Regina Maria Gabriele von Pezold, of Austria; Anna Eleonore Elisabeth Webber, of Austria; Heinrich Bernd Alexander Josef von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Maria Juliane Andrea Christiane Katharina Batthyàny, of Austria; Georg Philipp Marcel Johann Lukas von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Felix Alard Moritz Hermann, of Switzerland; Johann Friedrich Georg Ludwig von Pezold, of Scotland, and Adam Friedrich Carl Leopold Franz Severin von Pezold, of the Czech Republic, collectively descibed as "all members of the von Pezold family and are all German and Swiss nationals" v. Republic of Zimbabwe at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Capricorn Trustees Ltd.: €32K Fine

Public Notice by the Malta Financial Services Authority that it has imposed a fine of €32,000 on Capricorn Trustees Ltd. for regulatory breaches. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert at the Malta Business Registry showed that Capricorn Trustees Ltd. was incorporated in Malta on July 10th, 2012, its directors are Kevin Forrest, a citizen of the United Kingdom residing in South Africa, and Olivia Micallef, of Malta, and its sole shareholder is Guy William Edmunds, a citizen of Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom who "passed away" on June 15th, 2021.

Invoke Accounts Ltd.: Regulatory Action

Public Notice by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority regarding regulatory action against Invoke Accounts Limited. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert at the Isle of Man Companies Registry showed that Invoke Accounts Limited, f.k.s. Best Accounts Limited, f.k.s. IOM BestPay Limited, was incorporated in the Isle of Man on January 7th, 2013 and, in its annual return for 2021, its directors were identified as Lloyd Duwa, a Zimbabwean accountant; David Tarpey, a British accountant, and Richard Stephen McAleer, an Irish "Finance Manager", and its sole shareholder was Centurion Group Limited, of the Isle of Man. Prior annual returns show that former directors include Peter Morris Adamson, a citizen of the United Kingdom; Samantha Cubbon, a citizen of the United Kingdom, and Nathan Cafearo, a British "Marketing Consultant" and former shareholders include Acervus Holdings Limited, Best Group International Limited, and Best Holdings Limited, all of the Isle of Man.

Botswana: Albern Investments (PTY) Ltd.

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Botswana - to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into suspected fraud by Tendai Gwata, Godfrey Marecha, Anganiswo Ngunga, James Ngunga, and Albern Investments (PTY) Ltd.
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