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‘Remove information about my clients,’ writes Zoia Angelova

Letter from Zoia Angelova requesting the removal of a document and an article concerning a request for judicial assistance from Bulgaria regarding an investigation into Ms Angelova's clients, Yanko Haralambev and Dimitrichka Nikolova Yordanova.

‘We demand an apology’, writes fraudster Jean-Philippe Grange

Letter of complaint entitled 'FATCA Violation - Defamation & Attack on US Interest and Investors Interests - Complaint to OFAC' from Jean-Philippe Grange, who claims to be 'Treasury Minister Plenipotentiary & Ambassador USA, Te Taou Sovereignty and Kingdom of Maori' and is perpetrating a fraud involving the CWM Group.

Fraudster Mahmoud Chahal threatens OffshoreAlert

Letter to the editor from Lebanon-based advance fee fraudster Mahmoud Chahal in which he threatens in broken English to harm OffshoreAlert's publisher because of postings by third parties on our message board ten years ago.

‘Remove defamatory text’, demands convicted criminal Ali Yawar

Letter from Ali A. Yawar, a citizen of Afghanistan, resident of Spain and operator of Dunya Marbella Investments who pleaded guilty to extortion at federal court in California in 2007, demanding the removal of "defamatory text" from OffshoreAlert's web-site.

Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is not a ‘hollow insurer’, says director Salvatore Cugliari

Letter from Salvatore Cugliari denying a claim by the provisional liquidators of fraudulently-operated Cayman Islands-based Centaur Litigation SPC, Centaur Litigation Limited, and Centaur Litigation Unit Series 1 Limited that Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is a "hollow insurer". Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is "a holding company, not an insurer", writes Cugliari.

‘Request for correction,’ from suspected money launderer Guido Vioen

Letter from Guido Vioen, an attorney in Spain and the Netherlands, requesting a "correction" regarding OffshoreAlert's publication of a request for judicial assistance filed at federal court in Florida regarding a criminal investigation into Vioen on suspicion of laundering the proceeds of narcotics trafficking by Ferenc Hendricus Jagtman and others.

‘Stop Out-Dated Damaging Info’, writes Ernst Walter

Letter to the Editor from Ernst Gabriel Walter complaining about the continued publication by OffshoreAlert of a document from 2005 regarding a criminal investigation into him by Austria for suspected fraud.

‘Remove document about money laundering investigation or my clients will sue’, says Aruba attorney

Letter from Aruba-based attorney Rudolf E. Offringa, representing the heirs of Pursi Tjew San Jie-A-Swie, Farley hon Ping Jie-A-Swie, Kong Hing Supermarket NV, Kong Hing Supercenter NV and Kong Hing Freezone NV, threatening to sue OffshoreAlert if a document concerning a criminal investigation into suspected money laundering and forgery involving his clients was not removed "immediately".

‘Stop publishing rubbish’, says Tony Habib

Letter from Tony Habib complaining about OffshoreAlert's reporting of his involvement with Phoenix Financial Ltd., which appeared to be perpetrating advance fee frauds, according to research by OffshoreAlert.

Roland Bleyer: Demand For Removal

Letter to OffshoreAlert from Erik Syverson, Pick & Boydston, LLP on behalf of Roland Bleyer, a.k.a. Roland Husner.