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    Irving H. Picard v. First Peninsula Trustees Limited et al: Originating Application

    Originating Application in Irving H. Picard, as Trustee for the substantively consolidated SIPA liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC and the Estate of Bernard L. Madoff, v. First Peninsula Trustees Limited, as Trustee of the Ashby Trust, and Port of Hercules Trustees Limited, as Trustee of the El Prela Trust, at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

    Broadsheet LLC v. Estate of Edgar Jerome James et al: Discovery Application

    Application by Broadsheet LLC, of the Isle of Man, to take discovery from The Estate of Edgar Jerome James, a.k.a. Jerry James; Steeplechase Advisors LLC, a.k.a. Steeplechase Financial Services LLC, a.k.a. Steeplechase Capital LLC; Broadsheet LLC, Sovereign Corporate & Fiscal Services (Colorado) LLC, and Douglas M. Tisdale, Sr. for use in arbitration proceedings in Ireland "against the Government of Pakistan", filed at the U. S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

    UK seeks hotel records in attempt to recover narcotics proceeds

    The United Kingdom is seeking records from The Ritz Carlton hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for a criminal investigation into two convicted narcotics traffickers.Details are contained in an application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence - pursuant to

    United Kingdom: Marvin Campbell et al

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for an investigation in the United Kingdom into recovering the criminal proceeds of convicted narcotics traffickers Marvin Campbell and Duwayne Russell.

    Matrix Investigations goes into liquidation

    A company secretly controlled by British fraudsters Lincoln Fraser and Jared Brook has gone into liquidation with an estimated net deficiency of £94,614 (approximately US$170,000). Matrix International (Management) Ltd., d.b.a. Matrix Investigations, went into creditors' voluntary liquidation by way of an extraordinary resolution passed by its shareholders on April 6, 2004 - nearly 19 months after being formed on September 17, 2002.

    UK law firm sues Matrix International regarding apparent asset recovery scam

    A British law firm has taken legal action against the operators of an asset recovery scheme that has targeted victims of the fraudulently-operated Imperial Consolidated Group. Pinsents filed a lawsuit against Matrix International (Management) Ltd., d.b.a. Matrix Investigations, and Barclays Bank Plc at the UK High Court on December 16, 2003.

    Pinsents pulls out of Imperial Consolidated scheme

    A leading UK law firm has pulled out of a dubious asset recovery scheme after OffshoreAlert alerted them it was being organized on behalf of the crooks who were responsible for the loss of assets.Pinsents acted swiftly after being informed

    Newt Utopia: October 31, 2003

    Nevis continues to strive for independence A long anticipated vote for independence in Nevis will be coming. So here is the why, what will happen, and the some dark clouds. Nevis is part of the Federation of St. Kitts and

    Imperial Consolidated creditors can expect 11 cents in dollar

    Unsecured creditors of one of the main companies within the Imperial Consolidated Group have been told to expect a dividend of approximately 11 cents in the dollar. That is the "estimated outcome" for parties owed money by Imperial Consolidated Financiers Ltd. as forecast by the firm's administrators, Philip Lyon and Steve Woods, of Mazars Neville Russell.

    Morrison Cross victims targeted in recovery scam

    Victims of a securities fraud perpetrated by Panama-based Morrison Cross Financial Investments are being contacted by a bogus law firm offering 'assistance' in recouping their investments.OffshoreAlert has obtained a copy of a letter sent to an MCFI client on November 26, 2002 by "Bruce Porter" of "Carter Sprott & Porter LLP", with an address and telephone number in Texas.

    Imperial Consolidated administrator warns of dubious ‘asset recovery’ scheme

    Imperial Consolidated administrator Mazars Neville is warning victims of the Imperial fraud to be wary of approaches for money by Weddington Holdings Ltd., which may be an advance fee fraud.Weddington has been telephoning and emailing clients of Imperial and asking them for $2,500 each to purportedly fund an "Asset Recovery Program" outside of that being conducted by Mazars Neville.

    OffshoreAlert’s 1st Due Diligence & Asset Recovery Symposium

    OffshoreAlert is holding its 1st Due Diligence & Asset Recovery Symposium at the Hotel Inter Continental in Miami on November 18, 2002.Attendance costs $295 for people who sign up by October 18 or $345 thereafter.Since it was first published in

    Investors in alleged stock scam asked to fund ‘asset recovery’ effort

    Investors who bought shares in a Bahamas-based firm whose principals promptly closed shop and disappeared are being asked for $100,000 to finance what is being described as an 'asset recovery' effort.It might be a case of throwing good money after bad, however, given the track record of the people spearheading the venture.

    Interclaim sues US law firm in row over settlement with Canadian crook Blair Down

    International asset recovery firm Interclaim is suing its former law firm for allegedly cutting it out of a settlement deal with a crook who made tens of millions of dollars by ripping off the elderly. Interclaim Holdings Ltd. and Interclaim Recovery Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Ness Motley Loadholt Richardson & Poole at the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on December 4, 2000.

    Leslie Wingham asks victims for more money, tells them to stop calling his attorney

    British businessman Leslie Wingham has asked victims of an alleged multi-million fraud that he operated in Antigua for additional money to fund a so-called recovery effort. In a letter to "Investors and Agents of Accord Trading/Accord Insurance and EMRW" dated November 27, 2000, Wingham asked for at least $1,000 each from his victims.

    Interclaim (Bermuda) freezes $200 m of assets controlled by callous white-collar criminals

    Debt recovery firm Interclaim (Bermuda) Limited made international headlines recently after a series of daring legal manoeuvres in several countries against the type of heartless criminals who have become accustomed to getting away with their crimes.The company, which operates from Dublin, Ireland, has successfully frozen in the region of US$200 million of assets linked with Blair Down, a Canadian businessman who created his wealth by ripping off the elderly.

    FCO announces end of bank secrecy in overseas territories

    The clearest indication yet that the UK government will force its Overseas Territories to co-operate with foreign regulators investigating both fiscal and regulatory offences was given this week to Offshore Alert.Offshore centres like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Turks & Caicos Islands and the British Virgin Islands are being told by the UK government to introduce within two years legislation that will be virtually identical to the UK Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990.