Beneficial Ownership


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    OffshoreAlert London

    OffshoreAlert London – Our Best-Ever Agenda

    Truth and reality will be on display at next week’s OffshoreAlert London conference. Some will like it, some will not, but both will benefit from hearing it. Our eclectic and […]

    OffshoreAlert London Conference to Analyze Roman Abramovich’s Offshore Structures

    The financial dealings of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, particularly his newly revealed offshore structures, are set to be a key focus at the upcoming OffshoreAlert conference in London. These revelations, part of the 'Cyprus Confidential' investigative project, have shed light on complex financial arrangements involving high-profile individuals.
    OffshoreAlert London

    How To Uncover Hidden UBOs: Overcoming Flaws in Companies House Search

    Researchers search the U.K.'s Companies House databases on a daily basis, either to comply with AML and sanctions regulations or for other purposes, such as due diligence or fraud investigations. Few realize, however, that Companies House's internal search engine doesn't function properly and may cause them to miss crucial information.

    The Incredible Story of Arif Naqvi & The Abraaj Group

    In this video, we will discuss how the global elite was duped by a capitalist fairytale and shine a light on efforts to clean up global capital flows even as opaque private equity firms amass trillions of dollars and offshore tax havens cast a veil of secrecy which prevents regulators, investors and citizens from understanding what’s really going on in the finance industry.

    Offshore Intelligence: Behind Closed Doors

    Investigators and others who specialize in offshore finance will discuss emerging key issues affecting the industry in the areas of transparency, beneficial ownership, products, services, trends, and anything else of importance and significance. The session will be informal and questions

    Financial Transparency: A Comparison of Jurisdictions

    This session will look at how offshore jurisdictions compare in terms of banking secrecy, recording of beneficial ownership registries for trusts, foundations, and companies, availability to the public of corporate share registers and accounts, anti-money laundering, tax information exchange, international judicial co-operation, and other areas.

    Beneficial Ownership Registries: An Update

    A look at the pros and cons of having central registries of beneficial owners of offshore companies in offshore financial centers and whether the move towards them has substance or is political hot-air by the U.K. Government.