Artificial Intelligence Tools for Asset Recovery & Compliance

This session will look at artificial intelligence tools designed to locate assets, find beneficial owners, identify relationships between individuals and legal entities, help with compliance, and reduce general business risk.

IRS Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Efforts: 2017 and Beyond

This session will look at current and future initiatives in the IRS's ongoing efforts to identify and collect taxes from U.S. taxpayers with undeclared offshore accounts and financial arrangements, as well as the efforts undertaken to prosecute and penalize those that assist such taxpayers.

FATCA: How To Stay Out Of Trouble With The US Government

The session will deal with how individuals and financial institutions can operate within the reporting requirements of the new law, stay away from the mandatory withholding requirements and prevent US investigations and prosecutions.

Understanding the FATCA Risk

An analysis of recent U. S. Department of Justice tax enforcement efforts and predicting future enforcement activity aimed at offshore and Asian financial institutions.

Navigating the Regulation Nightmare in Offshore Transactions

This session will arm you with basic tools to make you just a little bit dangerous when discussing international initiatives such as FATCA (including the US, UK and EU versions), AIFMD, EMIR, Dodd Frank, CFTC and a host of other acronyms that are a portent of the new age of borderless regulation. Watch NowView Trailer