Data Leaks

How to Avoid Becoming the Next ‘Pandora Papers’

This video examines how bad actors and hostile intelligence gatherers can exploit your online visibility to target your workforce and turn them into human intelligence sources. This is what is commonly referred to as cresting the Insider Threat. We will look at hostile methodology through an offensive lens and how you can mitigate against it. Speaker: Kevin Weekes (ZENRS)

The ICIJ v. Offshore Finance

It's fair to say that the offshore corporate services industry feels aggrieved by the work of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. In this video, two representatives of the ICIJ and two offshore representatives will discuss projects such as the 'Panama Papers', 'Paradise Papers', and 'Pandora Papers' and, in particular, whether offshore finance is being treated fairly or unfairly.

Football Leaks: Whistleblower or Thief?

This session will examine the investigation that exposed the computer hacker behind the huge theft of confidential information from the international football industry and also ask whether, in this era of leaked data, the media and others are now too

‘The Panama Papers’: An Analysis

This session will look at the biggest leak in the history of global finance - 11.5 million records revealing the hitherto hidden offshore financial dealings of over 12 current and former world leaders, including prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan, the president of Ukraine and the king of Saudi Arabia; 128 additional politicians and public officials around the world, and others.

Protecting Data in the Era of Hacks & Leaks

In the wake of the release of 11.5 million hitherto confidential account records known as 'The Panama Papers', which the target, Mossack Fonseca law firm, claims was obtained through hacking, and various other leaks of client information, this session will look at prudent steps to protect your data, whether stored on mobile devices, servers or in other electronic form.

Inside The UBS & HSBC Leaks

OffshoreAlert has assembled a panel of the most important people in the history of whistleblowing to take you inside the UBS and HSBC leaks and discuss material issues, including the treatment of whistleblowers by law enforcement and tax collection agencies, how the system can be improved, the extent of global tax evasion and the involvement of the world's major banks.

Inside the Investigation Into OFCs by The ICIJ and The Guardian

The Guardian's Investigations Executive Editor David Leigh will discuss the investigation into OFCs by his newspaper and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which included analyzing over 2.5 million leaked files regarding confidential offshore accounts. Watch Now View Trailer