Hunting Russian Oligarchs: Databases & Tools to Identify Their Assets

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to a surge in financial sanctions against Russian Oligarchs, banks, and other entities. The hunt is now on to identify beneficiaries, trace and freeze assets, including private jets and superyachts. Learn databases and tools that will help you know who you're dealing with and locate assets that they don't want you to know about. Presented by Ellen Hewitt, Senior Director, FTI Consulting; Nigel Nicholson, CEO, GreyList Trace; Roman Anin, Investigative Reporter, IStories; and Will Fitzgibbon, Investigative Reporter, ICIJ.

Databases & Tools to Find Hidden Assets

This video presentation introduces some of the primary online databases that are useful in identifying assets for companies and individuals globally. Included is a discussion about public and private corporate disclosures, land registries, litigation and procurement records, as well as more creative tools such as construction and fire permits, satellite imagery, leaked and breached data and people search engines. Most of this data is free, but accessing it can sometimes be challenging due to technical, geographical and language barriers or sheer volume. The presentation will also show you how to build your own tools to access these records or, alternatively, buy ready-made commercial solutions that do it for you. Throughout, the presenter will include several examples from real cases, illustrating a wide array of tools, techniques and skills required for asset tracing. Presented by Cristopher Uglea (FTI Consulting).

Using Data to Map Organized Crime & Grand Corruption

This video will show you how to use and map data to enhance your investigations into serious financial crime. Presenters: Antonina Volkotrub (Anti-Corruption Action Centre), David Thompson (Altana AI), Thomas Ewing (C4ADS)

Investigations, Intelligence and Due Diligence on vLex’s Legal Intelligence Platform (Product Demo)

Learn how to access critical third party and legal risk data across 100+ jurisdictions with automatic translation into 14 languages in minutes and with one simplified search. With the world's largest collections of legal information located on one service, connected by 440 million relationships, it has never been easier to search 120 million legal documents, including exclusive Caribbean and offshore content. Take this guided tour of the vLex platform and learn about vLex's unparalleled coverage, technology, and why over 2 million worldwide have joined vLex. Speakers: Natalie Milman (vLex), Susan Cunningham (vLex)

How to Avoid Becoming the Next ‘Pandora Papers’

This video examines how bad actors and hostile intelligence gatherers can exploit your online visibility to target your workforce and turn them into human intelligence sources. This is what is commonly referred to as cresting the Insider Threat. We will look at hostile methodology through an offensive lens and how you can mitigate against it. Speaker: Kevin Weekes (ZENRS)

Protecting Data in the Era of Hacks & Leaks

In the wake of the release of 11.5 million hitherto confidential account records known as 'The Panama Papers', which the target, Mossack Fonseca law firm, claims was obtained through hacking, and various other leaks of client information, this session will look at prudent steps to protect your data, whether stored on mobile devices, servers or in other electronic form.