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    The Definitive Guide to Investigating and Recovering Crypto OffshoreAlert Miami

    ‘How to Investigate and Recover Crypto’ at OffshoreAlert Miami

    A session on investigating and recovering crypto legally, professionally, and successfully will be held at OffshoreAlert's Miami conference next month. 'The Definitive Guide to Investigating and Recovering Crypto' will be presented by Lilita (Lili) Infante, of CAT Labs; Noy Moshe, of Chainalysis; Syed Rahman, of Rahman Ravelli, and Haydn Jones, of Kroll. It is one of 16 sessions on intelligence, investigations, and recovery in high-value international finance that comprise The 20th Annual OffshoreAlert Miami Conference on April 14-16.
    'Global Launderette' to be explained at OffshoreAlert Bangkok

    ‘Global Launderette’ to be explained at OffshoreAlert Bangkok

    The sophisticated techniques by which proceeds are disguised and moved even through the most tightly-regulated of economies, the multi-jurisdictional crimes which are involved, the emergent risks faced by institutions and individuals alike, and, perhaps most importantly, the trailblazing methods and tools by which practitioners uncover culprits and recover assets will be discussed at OffshoreAlert Bangkok this month in a session entitled 'The Dark Side of the Economy: An Ever-Growing Global Launderette'. February 28-29, Bangkok.
    OffshoreAlert Miami Intelligence Investigations Asset Recovery Conference

    Agenda Launch for OffshoreAlert Miami 2024

    This April 14-16, join industry leaders in Miami Beach for the 20th anniversary of one of the leading events on high-value international finance. Featured speaker Brian Simms KC, one of the Bahamas-based liquidators of the FTX crypto group, will discuss the cross-border complexities of the insolvency and how onshore and offshore representatives resolved their differences. Engage in pivotal discussions ranging from the alarming rise of pig butchering scams to the enigmatic world of offshore finance. Hosted at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, this event is a must-attend for professionals seeking to navigate the intricate world of international finance, mitigate risks, and seize opportunity. Early Bird Registration ends February 8.

    International money laundering to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert Bangkok

    Next Month at OffshoreAlert Bangkok: Dive into the modern face of international money laundering. Don't miss 'The Dark Side of the Economy: An Ever-Growing Global Launderette,' featuring insights from Danny Ong, Ting(Victoria) Zhou, Jack Mullan, Josh Heiliczer, and John Cusack. Essential for high-value finance professionals seeking to navigate risks and opportunities. Feb 28-29, Bangkok.
    OffshoreAlert Bangkok Intelligence Investigations Recover Conference February 28-29, 2024

    Malaysian Boiler Room Raid to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert Bangkok

    The upcoming OffshoreAlert conference in Bangkok will feature a session by Ken Gamble of IFW Global, focusing on 'Operation Tropicana', a major operation that dismantled a billion-dollar Asian boiler room gang. Gamble will discuss the gang's operations, including how they laundered money through Hong Kong banks and evaded detection for 15 years. He will also explain how the Anti-Money Laundering unit of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission helped recover millions for victims. The conference, held at the luxurious Siam Kempinski Hotel on February 28-29, includes various sessions on high-value international finance and will attract professionals from diverse fields like fraud investigation, asset recovery, banking, and law enforcement.

    Video: Covert Investigations – When and Why They Should Be Used

    In this video, Marlon Pinto, Director of Investigations at AnotherDay, explores the significance of employing undercover strategies to aid both Criminal and Civil Investigations. Accompanying him is a former Metropolitan Police colleague with over three decades of experience as an undercover operative, alongside specialist litigators. Throughout the panel, they delve into tactics, their rationale, and the potential pitfalls when utilised by individuals lacking expertise in this domain.

    Video: How to Overcome Flaws in the Companies House Search Engine to Reveal Hidden UBOs

    Identifying beneficial ownership of international corporate structures and assets has never been more crucial than it is today. Many researchers check Companies House on a daily basis, performing due diligence checks on companies and individuals in compliance with AML and Sanctions regulations. Yet most are unaware that the Companies House internal search engine is unable to identify core information contained within its own dataset. As a result, it will fail to return relevant results for searches for Persons with Significant Control and Beneficial Owners. Can your investigation afford to miss that potentially crucial piece of information? In this video, Dylan Kennedy presents key examples and discusses the challenge of revealing hidden UBOs in detail.
    OffshoreAlert London

    OffshoreAlert London – Our Best-Ever Agenda

    Truth and reality will be on display at next week’s OffshoreAlert London conference. Some will like it, some will not, but both will benefit from hearing it. Our eclectic and […]

    OffshoreAlert London Conference to Analyze Roman Abramovich’s Offshore Structures

    The financial dealings of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, particularly his newly revealed offshore structures, are set to be a key focus at the upcoming OffshoreAlert conference in London. These revelations, part of the 'Cyprus Confidential' investigative project, have shed light on complex financial arrangements involving high-profile individuals.
    OffshoreAlert London

    Experience the Thrill of Real-World Financial Drama at OffshoreAlert London

    Join us at OffshoreAlert London on December 4-5 for an event where finance meets real-world drama. From being sued by the subjects we expose, like fund manager Timothy Schools, to assisting in criminal investigations against fraudulent schemes like Privilege Wealth, our conferences are a testament to our dedication to uncovering financial deceit. OffshoreAlert London isn't just a conference; it's a pivotal arena where financial truths are revealed and dishonesty is challenged. Don’t miss out on the action – register now at

    See What’s Next: OffshoreAlert Bangkok Agenda Unveiled!

    OffshoreAlert's first Asia conference will be held in Bangkok on February 28-29, 2024. The event will take place at the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, a 5-star resort in the heart of the city, near some of Asia’s finest restaurants, shops, and nightlife. There's an emphasis on networking and fun, which is why we're holding our event at a resort in one of the world's most exciting cities that attendees can easily fly into. We want them to combine business with pleasure.
    OffshoreAlert London

    How To Uncover Hidden UBOs: Overcoming Flaws in Companies House Search

    Researchers search the U.K.'s Companies House databases on a daily basis, either to comply with AML and sanctions regulations or for other purposes, such as due diligence or fraud investigations. Few realize, however, that Companies House's internal search engine doesn't function properly and may cause them to miss crucial information.
    OffshoreAlert London

    ‘Cyprus Confidential’ session added to OffshoreAlert London

    A series of major investigative news articles from a project known as 'Cyprus Confidential' will be breaking globally this week and, to accommodate this significant development, a session on it has been added to the agenda of next month's OffshoreAlert London conference. December 4-5, Leonardo Royal London St. Paul's, London.

    Agenda Launch – OffshoreAlert London Conference

    The first version of the agenda for OffshoreAlert's 10th Annual London Conference on December 4-5 is now available. For more information about OffshoreAlert London 2023, sponsorship opportunities, and tickets, please visit

    Video: Russia in a Time of War – How to Investigate, Enforce Judgments & Handle Problem Clients

    In this video, investigators and attorneys discuss : Increased lawsuits against Russia/Sanctioned Entities and how to enforce any awards, including seizing money frozen in European clearing houses and seizing private planes; How does the Russia-Ukraine War affect existing litigation and investigations; Confiscation of assets of Russian oligarchs; Inability of Russian banks to pursue debtors who often stole money or haven't returned the loans and who now live abroad; and Proactive Russian sanctions analysis investigations.

    Video: How My Fraud Investigation Brought Down Harvey Weinstein

    In this video, David Marchant gives his opening remarks, which are followed by lawyer Tom Ajamie discussing how his investigation into suspected charity fraud by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein ultimately led to Weinstein's demise and later imprisonment for sex offenses. Seth Freedman joins remotely for questions. "How My Fraud Investigation Brought Down Harvey Weinstein”, © 2023 OffshoreAlert. Recorded on April 24, 2023, at OffshoreAlert Miami.

    Video: High-Value International Recovery – Ask Me Anything (Part Two)

    Leading international fraud and value recovery specialists discuss emerging and dominant issues that impact your ability to be successful and effective. This session is intended to be informal and interactive and represents an opportunity for you to have your questions answered by experts who have 'been there, seen it, done it'.

    Video: COVID Relief Fraud – Opportunities to Recover Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

    In this video, retired FBI Agent Gregory Coleman discusses how criminals have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of COVID Relief funds and how the private and public sectors can work together to recover assets. The presentation will include a case study of one state’s aggressive approach to recovering funds stolen through unemployment insurance fraud.

    Video: High-Value International Recovery – Ask Me Anything (Part One)

    Leading international fraud and value recovery specialists discuss emerging and dominant issues that impact your ability to be successful and effective. This session is intended to be informal and interactive and represents an opportunity for you to have your questions answered by experts who have 'been there, seen it, done it'.

    Video: Crypto – All Your Questions Answered

    In this special, 90-minute, 'everything you need to know about crypto' video, leading crypto investigators, recovery specialists, and proponents will answer all of your questions regarding the crypto industry and offer advise and expertise to increase your chances of success.

    Video: Inside the Cult – The Value of Covert Human Source Intelligence in Litigation

    Experienced investigator Katie Frodsham discusses the value of human source intelligence (HUMINT) during litigation, through a case study of her infiltration of an extreme cult. Using covert HUMINT techniques and hardware, Katie went undercover in the cult to gather the evidence and intelligence needed to successfully win the case against the cult leader. This is the story of how Katie became a trusted member of the group, eventually going on holiday with them, and becoming the cult leader’s mentee.

    Video: Crypto Contagion – Who’s Next?

    Some crypto investigators suspect that the collapse of FTX is just the tip of the iceberg in an industry rife with fraud. This video looks at red flags surrounding other crypto schemes, including Binance, Deltec Bank, and, of course, Tether.