Investigative Tools & Techniques

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Asset Recovery & Compliance

This session will look at artificial intelligence tools designed to locate assets, find beneficial owners, identify relationships between individuals and legal entities, help with compliance, and reduce general business risk.

Investigating The Investigators: An Analysis of Liabilities

Investigators prefer to work in the shadows but neither they, nor their clients, nor the law firms that hire them can afford to ignore the law. In this session, investigators and an attorney will discuss the liabilities of

How To Detect Investment Fraud

Detecting investment fraud is easy if you know what to look for. At this month's OffshoreAlert Conference, OffshoreAlert’s owner and editor, David Marchant, will explain how to avoid being taken to the cleaners by fraudsters who think nothing about relieving victims of their life-savings.

How To Detect & Avoid Investment Fraud

In this session, OffshoreAlert owner and editor David Marchant will explain how to identify red flags in investment schemes so you can avoid investing in, or providing services to, fraudulent schemes. OffshoreAlert has been exposing investment fraud relentlessly

Solving Previously Unsolvable Cases With Digital Forensics

Attend this session to learn how digital forensics, combined with good legal counsel, can lead to great results in civil litigation and other scenarios. Attendees will learn the process that allows material evidence to be gathered and civil litigators to get the truth.

Web-Sites That Short Stocks & Then Expose Them: Are They Making Money?

This session will look at investigative web-sites whose financial model is to profit from price falls in publicly-listed securities. They do this by identifying red flags in publicly-listed companies, shorting their shares, and then publishing the negative information for other investors to make of what they will.

Offshore Investigations & Fraud Detection: A Practical Guide

Investigators who are experienced in conducting investigations and gathering intelligence in Offshore Financial Centers will discuss what information is typically publicly-available in OFCs, the importance of developing a network of contacts in jurisdictions that pride themselves on secrecy, and how to identify red flags that might suggest wrongdoing.

Statute of Limitations – Beware the Snake in the Grass

This session will examine statute of limitation issues from the perspective of a litigant seeking to attack the transfer of funds to a trust set up in 'trust-friendly' jurisdictions, in particular the Cook Islands, The Bahamas, Cyprus and Nevis.

Inside the Investigation Into OFCs by The ICIJ and The Guardian

The Guardian's Investigations Executive Editor David Leigh will discuss the investigation into OFCs by his newspaper and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which included analyzing over 2.5 million leaked files regarding confidential offshore accounts. Watch Now View Trailer

How to Identify Red Flags In The Offshore World

Fresh from exposing a $180 million fraud perpetrated by Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, OffshoreAlert's publisher will show you how easy it is to identify red flags in the offshore world. Watch NowView Trailer

Covert Discovery of Hidden Assets

An open discussion about measures used to surreptitiously (and legally) discover concealed wealth and to attribute it to wrongdoers or wrongdoing. Watch NowView Trailer