Judgment Enforcement

How To Monetize Your International Arbitration Award

A playbook of how to enforce and monetize international arbitration awards. Speakers Erika Levin, Partner at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss Sebastian Said, Partner at Appleby Wieger Wielinga, Omni Bridgeway – […]

How To Enforce Foreign Judgments in the USA & How US-based Agencies Can Reach Offshore Activity

Obtaining a judgment in a British Commonwealth jurisdiction, whether in the United Kingdom or one of its offshore territories, is no easy feat. The sad truth is that wining the case might have been the easy part. Enforcing a judgment when there are few or no assets in the jurisdiction issuing the writ can involve complex cross-border litigation. Execution of a judgment is even more difficult when assets, or individuals subject to the judgment, are in the United States, where a web of federal and fifty different state laws can stymie even the most tenacious judgment-holder. This session will explore the process and methods to enforce foreign judgments in the U.S., and impart practical tips to do so quickly and efficiently. It will also show how U.S.-based agencies can reach offshore activity.