US seeks to extend legal powers over foreign countries

Major legislation has been introduced to US Congress that would extend the power of the US authorities to apply its money laundering laws and penalties in other countries.The proposed laws, which were tabled in April, has the support of both Democrats and Republicans, according to a report in Miami-based newsletter Money Laundering Alert.

Cayman governor promises to recognize fiscal offences

Cayman governor John Owen appears to have secretly promised the UK government that Cayman will change its law to allow foreign investigations of tax evasion.That is the startling revelation disclosed in the minutes of a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of the UK government held in London on December 15, 1997.

Offshore Territories must enforce ‘all-crimes’ laws, not just pass them into law

Offshore financial centres that are also UK Overseas Territories have been told that it is not enough for them simply to introduce legislation outlawing ‘all-crimes' but that they must also enforce the new laws.That was one of the messages delivered to the House of Commons Select Committee on Public Accounts by Sir John Kerr, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the UK government.

New US law hits offshore funds

The offshore mutual fund industry has been dealt a potentially significant blow by changes to US tax laws proposed in the 1997 US budget.
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