OffshoreAlert London 2022

The Incredible Story of Arif Naqvi & The Abraaj Group

In this video, we will discuss how the global elite was duped by a capitalist fairytale and shine a light on efforts to clean up global capital flows even as opaque private equity firms amass trillions of dollars and offshore tax havens cast a veil of secrecy which prevents regulators, investors and citizens from understanding what’s really going on in the finance industry.

Must-Have Investigative Tools

This video will look at databases, tools, and resources to investigate individuals and entities operating internationally.

The Art of Global Intelligence-Gathering: Facts vs. BS

This video will look at the opaque industry of global intelligence-gathering, including how to obtain and analyze information from sources of varying trustworthiness, credibility, and motivations who might have conflicting accounts in an attempt to determine where the truth is most likely to lie.

Tether: The Coin That Could Wreck Crypto

This video will look at several red flags concerning the $60 billion 'stablecoin' known as Tether and the potentially devastating impact its collapse - which many consider to be inevitable - is likely to have on the entire crypto industry and the wider financial markets.

Normalizing Fraud: The Crazy World of Crypto

This video will look at the unprecedented amount of fraud taking place in the crypto industry in which millions of victims all over the world have been - and continue to be - collectively scammed out of hundreds of billions of dollars in schemes that, in many cases, are hawked by celebrities, influencers, and even 'respected' businesspeople. It will also analyze whether, apart from being a tool to commit fraud, the underlying technology behind crypto has any legitimate uses or any future.

UAE Uncovered: The New Ground Zero for Financial Crime

Behind the United Arab Emirates' gaudy exterior is a not-so-pretty side. This video will look at evidence that the UAE, particularly Dubai, has become a popular jurisdiction with investment fraudsters, oligarchs, sanctioned politicians, and money launderers, whom the country appears to welcome with open arms.
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