Cayman Enterprise City Ltd. v. Splend SEZC et al: Writ of Summons

    Writ of Summons for damages of $36,977 in Cayman Enterprise City Ltd. v. Splend SEZC and Splend Ltd. at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. Editor’s Note: Research by OffshoreAlert in the Cayman Islands General Registry showed that Splend SEZC was incorporated on January 19th, 2018 and that its directors are Brian Tran and Michael Han, who appear to be based in the United States. Splend Ltd. does not appear in the Cayman Islands General Registry, indicating it is domiciled in another jurisdiction. The Splend group’s website at has been dismantled, with visitors currently greeted with the message “Stay Tuned for Something Awesome”. Previously, it was stated on the site that the group offered “groundbreaking blockchain technology”, with its “Team” identified as Rick Bleszynski, “CEO”; Mike Han, “CTO and Co-Founder”; Brian Tran, “COO and C-Founder”; Ed Ho, “CFO”; Dave Rogers, “CSO”, and Tess Nguyen, “Director of Marketing”.

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    December 21, 2020
    Splend SEZC, Splend Ltd.
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    Cayman Enterprise City Ltd.