Cerner Middle East Ltd. v. Belbadi Enterprises LLC et al: Complaint to Enforce UAE Judgment (AED 231M)

Complaint “for recognition and enforcement of a foreign-country money judgment issued by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Court” in Cerner Middle East Limited, described as a Cayman Islands company based in Kansas City, Missouri v. Belbadi Enterprises LLC, of the United Arab Emirates; Vandevco Limited, of Washinton, and Orland Ltd., of Oregon, as Defendants, and Willamette Enterprises Ltd., of the Cayman Islands, and Belbadi Engineering LLC, of the United Arab Emirates, as Nominal Defendants, at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

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    February 10, 2023
    Cerner Middle East Limited
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    Belbadi Enterprises LLC, Vandevco Limited, Orland Ltd., Willamette Enterprises Ltd., Belbadi Engineering LLC
    Holland & Knight, Garrett Garfield