Why the BVI is the 'king of incorporations' for Chinese and other foreigners

Why the BVI is the 'king of incorporations' for Chinese and other foreigners

The British Virgin Islands incorporates more legal entities on behalf of foreign nationals than any other offshore jurisdiction. Many of the clients live in China and Russia.

At next month's OffshoreAlert Conference in London, the question 'Why?' will be discussed by three panelists who are experts in the pros and cons of the BVI as a domicile for the world's wealthy.

Asset recovery attorney Martin Kenney, professional liability claims barrister Ben Hubble QC, and compliance specialist Bomi Anise will break down the appeal of the BVI as a financial jurisdiction, including looking at its legal structures, what they are being used for and by whom.

The session on 'The Lure Of The BVI: Why Is It THE Place For Chinese, Russians & Other Foreigners?' is one of 18 sessions on the theme of 'Financial Intelligence and Investigations' that are aimed at providers, clients and investigators of international financial products and services.

Other speakers at the conference include senior representatives of the Financial Intelligence Units of the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Liechtenstein and the Seychelles; the retired IRS Agent who headed the USA's tax evasion investigation into Swiss and other foreign banks; the FBI Agent who investigated self-styled 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort, leading asset recovery attorneys from the BVI, Canada, London, Ukraine, and USA, and the person at OffshoreAlert who researches and writes all of our investigative articles.

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The event helps attendees to better understand what is taking place in the world of international finance so that they may better assess business opportunities, reduce their risk of becoming a victim of financial crime and, if that has already happened, learn how to go about recovering assets.

The 3rd Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe will take place at The Bloomsbury Hotel, in London, on November 10-11, 2014.

It will be attended by high-end individuals from several countries in both onshore and offshore centres who are involved in various segments of international finance.

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