Opening Remarks

An introduction to the conference.


David Marchant Headshot

David Marchant Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

Bitcoin & Financial Crime: An Analysis

This session will look at what the Bitcoin digital currency is, how it operates, how it is used by financial criminals to commit a range of offenses, including theft, fraud, and money laundering, and how transactions can be traced back to individuals or businesses, thereby dispelling the commonly-held myth that participants can remain anonymous.


Christine Duhaime

Christine Duhaime Partner, Duhaime Law (Toronto)

Nicolas Christin

Nicolas Christin Assistant Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)

The Hunt for Offshore Tax Evaders & Those Who Assist Them

The latest on the never-ending investigation by the world's major countries into individuals and businesses suspected of tax evasion.


Roy Baldwin

Roy Baldwin Partner, Tax Investigations, Smith & Williamson (Manchester)

Jelle Staats

Jelle Staats Founder & CEO, Staats Financieel Onderzoek BV (Netherlands)

Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves Founder, Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting Group & Retired Senior Advisor, IRS Offshore Compliance Initiative (New Jersey)

How to Obtain Discovery in the USA for Use in Your Foreign Proceeding

This session will show you how to obtain discovery in the United States under 28 U.S.C. 1782 for use in legal actions outside the U.S.


Edward H. Davis, Jr.

Edward Davis, Jr. Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

Offshore Financial Intelligence Units: An Inside Look

Personnel from offshore FIUs will discuss their work, including the types of suspected illegal conduct that they are asked to investigate and the countries that request them.


Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks Investigative Reporter, Private Eye (London) 

Daniel Thelesklaf

Daniel Thelesklaf Director, Financial Intelligence Unit (Liechtenstein)

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts Legal Advisor, Financial Reporting Authority (Cayman Islands)

Phil Hunkin

Phil Hunkin Head of FIU (Guernsey)

Litigation Funding: A Look At The Industry

This session will look at an industry being touted to investors as one of the hottest investment opportunities.


Mick Smith

Mick Smith Partner & Co-Founder, Calunius Capital (London)

Jonathan Cooperman

Jonathan Cooperman Partner, Farber Financial Group (Toronto)

Hardeep Nahal

Hardeep Nahal Partner, McGuireWoods (London)

Tracing USD Wire Transfers Via Intermediary Bank Discovery & Global Attachments

The wire transfer records of any person or entity in the world can be obtained from Intermediary Banks via a technique known as "Intermediary Bank Discovery". These records are available in connection with virtually any international insolvency, debt enforcement or fraud matter.


Warren Gluck

Warren Gluck Senior Associate, Holland & Knight (New York)

Understanding Offshore Financial Centres: A Guide For Investigators

An overview of the offshore world for investigators from an investigative reporter who has spent more than two decades investigating and exposing serious financial crime committed in or through them.


David Marchant Headshot

David Marchant Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

Edward H. Davis, Jr.

Edward Davis, Jr. Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall Director, Burford Capital (London)

Russia, Ukraine & Commonwealth of Independent States: The Asset Recovery Landscape

This session will look at the current asset recovery landscape in eastern Europe.


Martin S. Kenney

Martin Kenney Managing Partner, Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors (BVI)

Dmytro Marchukov

Dmytro Marchukov Partner, Avellum Partners (Ukraine)

Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall Director, Burford Capital (London)

Offshore Trusts Gone Bad: How Common Is Dishonesty Among Trustees & What Are Their Methods?

This session will look at examples of offshore trustees and their advisors allegedly swindling clients and using secrecy laws as a reason not to co-operate with investigators. It will also discuss what steps can be taken to minimise risk.


Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas Advocate, Baker & Partners (Jersey)

Alex Hall Taylor

Alex Hall Taylor  Barrister, 4 New Square (London)

The Magnitsky Murder: A Window into Russian Money Laundering

This session will be a case study into how Russian organised crime uses offshore jurisdictions and offshore banks to launder money and crimes committed in Russia.

The Lure Of The BVI: Why Is It THE Place For Chinese, Russians & Other Foreigners?

For many years, the British Virgin Islands has been the King of Incorporations in the offshore world, proving to be particularly popular with citizens of China and Russia in recent times. This session will look at why the BVI is so attractive to foreigners seeking to set up offshore shell entities, what the jurisdiction offers that rivals don't, what is so appealing about its legal structures, and what they are being used for.


Ben Hubble QC

Ben Hubble QC Head of Chambers, 4 New Square (London)

Martin S. Kenney

Martin Kenney Managing Partner, Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors (BVI)

Bomi Anise

Bomi Anise Managing Director, Anise Consulting (BVI)

Inside Cayman's Hedge Fund Industry

Our panelists will tell you everything you need to know about the world's most popular jurisdiction for hedge funds.


Simon Osborn

Simon Osborn CEO, IFI Global (London)

Heidi de Vries

Heidi de Vries Partner, Maples and Calder (London)

Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis SVP, Maples Fiduciary Services (London)

How To Detect Investment Fraud 100% of the Time (Or Close To It)

This session will show you how to identify Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds so that you may reduce your exposure to lawsuits, regulatory actions, and losses.


David Marchant Headshot

David Marchant Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

David Ingram

David Ingram Partner, Grant Thornton (London)

Match-Fixing & Corruption in Sport: How Big is the Problem & How is it Detected?

This session will look at the problem of match-fixing and corruption in sport, including analyzing the techniques betting syndicates use to fix matches and the scale of the problem.


Roy Baldwin

Roy Baldwin Partner, Tax Investigations, Smith & Williamson (Manchester)

Francesco Baranca

Francesco Baranca Secretary General, FederBet (Austria & Belgium)

Terry Steans

Terry Steans Independent Sports Corruption Consultant (Leicester)

Mike O'Kane

Mike O'Kane Business Director, Ladbrokes & Chairman, European Sports Security Association (London)

Andreas Krannich

Andreas Krannich Managing Director, Strategy & Integrity, Sportradar AG (Germany)

Offshore Liquidations & Asset Recovery: Tips For Success

Offshore jurisdictions are different creatures than their onshore counterparts. In this session, insolvency practitioners and investigators will provide an insight into the peculiarities of offshore liquidations and asset recovery and offer a list of 'do's and don'ts' for creditors and victims of fraud who are seeking to recover assets.


Charles Coleman

Charles Coleman Director, Gough Law (Isle of Man)

James Earp

James Earp Founder & CEO, James Earp & Associates (London)

Martin S. Kenney

Martin Kenney Managing Partner, Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors (BVI)

Gregory Grossman

Gregory S. Grossman Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

Offshore Stock Exchanges: Who Uses Them & What For?

This session will look at the activity being transacted through offshore stock exchanges like Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman, Malta and the Channel Islands and how it differs from onshore stock exchanges.


James Falla

James Falla Editor, Business Brief, Channel Islands (Guernsey)

Jon Moulton

Jon Moulton Chairman, Channel Islands Securities Exchange (Guernsey)

Joe Truelove

Joe Truelove Head of Fund Services, Carey Group (Guernsey)

Deborah Poole

Deborah Poole Partner, Appleby (London)

'Right to Know vs. Right to be Forgotten': How to Scrub Data From the Internet & How to Find it

This session will analyze the avenues available to individuals who are seeking to have negative information about them removed from the Internet and to investigators who are trying to find it.


Sara Mansoori

Sara Mansoori Barrister, Matrix Chambers (London)

Caroline Skipsey

Caroline Skipsey Director, Igniyte (Leeds)

Andrew Bodnar

Andrew Bodnar Barrister, Matrix Chambers (London)

Jodie Ginsburg

Jodie Ginsberg CEO, Index on Censorship (London)

How I Caught 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

New York-based FBI Special agent Gregory Coleman will talk about his investigation into American penny stock fraudster Jordan Belfort, whose criminality and debauchery were depicted in Martin Scorsese's hit movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.


Gregory Coleman

Gregory Coleman Special Agent, FBI (Retired) (New York)

Closing Remarks

Closing remarks and a brief recap of the conference.


David Marchant Headshot

David Marchant Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

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