• Andrew Mell

    Andrew Mell

    Academic Economist (University of Oxford)

    Andrew co-authored a study examining the overlap between big political party donors and a party's nominees to the House of Lords.

  • Angus MacNeil

    Angus MacNeil

    Member of Parliament (Scotland)

    Angus came to widespread public attention in 2006 after filing a complaint with London's Metropolitan Police that the Government was selling Honours, triggering a high-profile criminal investigation that, despite substantial evidence of wrongdoing, did not result in any criminal prosecutions.

  • Barry Leon

    Barry Leon

    Commercial Court Judge (BVI)

    A Canadian attorney, Barry was appointed as the Commercial Judge of the BVI High Court, effective March 16, 2015.

  • Charles Coleman

    Charles Coleman

    Director, Gough Law (Isle of Man)

    Charles specializes in high value and complex international litigation.

  • Chido Dunn

    Chido Dunn

    Senior Campaigner, Global Witness (London)

    Chido leads Global Witness' investigation into whether the UK is providing safe haven for corrupt individuals and their assets, with a primary focus on luxury property.

  • Chris Carey

    Chris Carey

    President & Editor, Sharesleuth.com (Michigan)

    As editor of Sharesleuth.com, Chris exposes red flags in publicly-listed companies whose shares have been shorted by his boss, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

  • Chris Taggart

    Chris Taggart

    Co-Founder & CEO, OpenCorporates (London)

    Chris Taggart is the Co-founder and CEO of OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world, covering over 80 million companies in 100+ jurisdictions.

  • Dan David

    Dan David

    Co-Founder & VP, GeoInvesting (Philadelphia)

    Dan is a co-founder of www.GeoInvesting.com, an online investing site that focuses on small and microcap stocks.

  • Daniel Hall

    Daniel Hall

    Director, Burford Capital (London)

    Dan is co-head of Burford's global corporate intelligence, asset-tracing and enforcement business.

  • David Marchant Headshot

    David Marchant

    Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

    David specializes in exposing serious financial crime while it is in progress.

  • Dmytro Marchukov

    Dmytro Marchukov

    Partner, Avellum Partners (Ukraine)

    Dmytro specializes represents foreign and Ukrainian clients in cross-border insolvency, asset tracing and recovery, as well as enforcement of pledges and mortgages.

  • Drew Sullivan

    Drew Sullivan

    Editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Drew is a journalist and media development specialist, specializing in investigations into organized crime and corruption.

  • Eduardo Amo

    Eduardo Amo

    CEO, Dato Capital (Madrid)

    Eduardo is the CEO and founder of Dato Capital, a database of companies, shareholders and directors in several countries, including Gibraltar, Panama, the United Kingdom and Panama.

  • Edward Bannister

    Edward Bannister QC

    Retired Judge, British Virgin Islands Commercial Court (London)

    Edward was appointed the first Commercial Court Judge in the British Virgin Islands in 2009.

  • Edward H. Davis, Jr.

    Edward Davis, Jr.

    Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

    Based in Miami, Ed specializes in international fraud and asset recovery and has been involved in several high-profile cases.

  • George Tzogopoulos

    George Tzogopoulos

    Journalist and Author (Greece)

    Dr. George Tzogopoulos is a journalist and media-politics expert.

  • Gregory Coleman

    Gregory Coleman

    Special Agent, FBI (Retired) (New York)

    While serving for 25 years as an FBI Special Agent, Greg led the criminal investigation into securities fraudster Jordan Belfort, the self-professed 'Wolf of Wall Street'. Now in private practice, Greg educates the financial industry about international money laundering, risks associated with Bitcoin, and the use of body language & statement analysis.

  • Charis Theoharis

    Haris Theoharis

    Member of Parliament & Former General Secretary of Public Revenues (Greece)

    Mr. Tehoharis terminated his mandate as Secretary General for Public Revenue in Greece June 2014 when he felt that the political conditions did not allow him to serve the public interest.

  • Jeremy Marshall

    Jeremy Marshall

    Chief Investment Officer, Bentham Europe (London)

    Jeremy has more than 20 years of litigation experience.

  • John Christmas

    John Christmas

    Parex Bank Whistleblower (Latvia)

    John is the whistleblower in the largest fraud in the history of Latvia, perpetrated by Parex Bank, which caused the Latvian financial crisis beginning in 2008.

  • Jon Carnes

    Jon Carnes

    Owner, Alfredlittle.com (New York)

    A successful value investor in China since 2004, Jon's campaigns against 15 Chinese companies yielded one-year average share price declines of 62.8%, putting him at the top of the 2014 inaugural short-seller rankings compiled by Activistshorts.com.

  • Jonathan Calvert

    Jonathan Calvert

    Editor, Insight Investigations Team, The Sunday Times (London)

    Jonathan co-authored the book 'The Ugly Game: The Qatari Plot To Buy The World Cup'.

  • Mark Goodman

    Mark Goodman

    Partner, Campbells (Cayman Islands)

    Mark specialises in insolvency, restructuring and investment fund litigation.

  • Martin S. Kenney

    Martin Kenney

    Managing Partner, Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors (BVI)

    Martin is perhaps the best-known fraud and asset recovery attorney in the world, having worked on a number of high-profile international cases.

  • Michael Redman

    Michael Redman

    Director, Burford Capital (London)

    Michael is co-head of Burford's global corporate intelligence, asset tracing, and enforcement business.

  • Natasha Dinkin

    Natasha Dinkin

    Founder, Project Layers (London)

    Natasha advises business consultancy firms, multi-national corporations and family offices on conducting due diligence ahead of new ventures.

  • Nick Kochan

    Nick Kochan

    Journalist & Author (London)

    Nick is a leading commentator on politics, banking and financial services, terrorist financing, compliance and regulation, emerging markets, and forensic topics and is a noted biographer of leading political figures, including former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. 

  • Paul Radu

    Paul Radu

    Executive Director, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Romania)

    Apart from his role with the OCCRP, Paul is a co-creator of the Investigative Dashboard, a tool to help investigators research financial crime.

  • Philip Sinel

    Philip Sinel

    Senior Partner, Sinels (Jersey)

    Philip is one of Jersey's best-known lawyers.

  • Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks

    Investigative Reporter, Private Eye (London) 

    Richard is a former U.K. Tax Inspector who now writes about corporate tax avoidance and evasion for Private Eye magazine.

  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    Blogger, Naked Capitalism (Oxford)

    Richard specializes in investigating and exposing securities fraud.

  • Simon Thomas

    Simon Thomas

    Advocate, Baker & Partners (Jersey)

    Simon specializes in trial advocacy and led an investigation into trust company managers that culminated in two successful prosecutions and substantial confiscation orders.

  • Stephanie Gibaud

    Stephanie Gibaud

    UBS Whistleblower (France)

    A former UBS employee, Stephanie has been a whistleblower since 2008, helping tax authorities investigate the bank for helping clients evade taxes.

  • Tony Hetherington

    Tony Hetherington

    Investigative Journalist (London)

    Tony is an award-winning investigative financial journalist who has worked for ITN, Thames TV,  The Sunday Time, Financial Times, and The Mail on Sunday.

  • Warren Gluck

    Warren Gluck

    Senior Associate, Holland & Knight (New York)

    Warren specializes in international debt enforcement and cross-border insolvency and has pioneered new asset tracing methods.


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