Arthur DanDesande

Arthur VanDesande 

Founder, Concorde Associates & Retired Senior Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation, Offshore Coordinator (Miami)

Arthur VanDesande performed as a Senior Special Agent for IRS Criminal Investigation for over 29 years, specializing in offshore tax schemes, environmental crimes and money laundering investigations. Recently retired, he held the position of Offshore Schemes coordinator for the Miami Field Office, one of the busiest and most productive prosecution districts in the nation. In this capacity he was the lead agent and initiated, led and assisted in the prosecution of numerous multi-jurisdictional investigations in all parts of the world.

VanDesande initiated and refined a multi-country, environmental investigation program that resulted in one of the first criminal financial convictions in support of the new Kyoto Protocol international treaty on climate change. He was involved with the first coordinated law enforcement efforts to review international credit card programs, a precursor to the John Doe summonses, which subsequently led to the piercing of offshore banking secrecy throughout Europe’s banking centers. He has developed and implemented numerous investigations and techniques that track and recover overseas assets, evaluate correspondent banking relationships and assess offshore tax structures for banking compliance and regulatory requirements.

VanDesande is the founder and principal advisor of Concorde Associates, a financial risk assessment, tax consulting and training organization that provides subject matter expertise in the areas of offshore business structures and transactions, environmental financial issues, money laundering, and banking in the expanse of law enforcement and regulatory compliance. He speaks frequently on national and international offshore business, environmental and banking topics and has been featured on national television financial investigative programs.

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