Opening Remarks

An introduction to the conference, its aims and a breakdown of who is in attendance.

Grand Corruption: Why Do Nations Recover So Little From Corrupt Politicians & How Can It Be Improved?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of corruption cases around the world that go un-prosecuted either criminally or civilly. This panel will explore the reasons that these cases go wanting including standing, funding, competition with government Kleptocracy programs of varying effectiveness and difficulties in proving damages.

Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts

A behind-the-scenes eye-witness account of the international wealth management profession from a sociologist who has spent the last eight years researching it, during which time she trained to become a wealth manager and visited 18 offshore jurisdictions.

Rigging Financial Markets: How Is It Done & How Is It Detected?

Regulators are putting more pressure on the market infrastructure for implementing appropriate methods and systems of surveillance of their customers. Thus compliance within an organization is not passive anymore but needs to be proactive and analytics can bring a great tool for achieving this goal. This session will focus on 1. Analytic tools for market surveillance; 2. Using a data driven approach for surveillance and anti-financial crime; and 3. Typologies of frauds on financial markets. Why they are difficult to detect and investigate?

How To Read & Speak Body Language Like An FBI Agent

This presentation is based on techniques that retired FBI Agent Greg Coleman used to read and send messages through body language. He will introduce a concept and give real life examples to illustrate how the techniques can be used. Topics include influence versus manipulation, non-verbal communication versus body language and casual versus formal settings.  The program is very interactive and will involve the audience in the demonstrations.

Turning Data Into Dollars: How To Monetise Whistleblowing

So who wants to be a millionaire? Listen as recognized experts on whistleblowing discuss various opportunities available to whistleblowers to profit from their knowledge and data by selling information to governments, filing whistleblower claims with tax and regulatory agencies and selling financial data to asset recovery specialists.

Lucifer's Banker: The Untold Story of How UBS Whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy

Former private banker turned whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld reveals the inner workings of giant Swiss bank in the areas of tax avoidance and tax evasion, reveals which global tax authorities he has been cooperating with, and, generally, discusses his experiences as a whistleblower.

Advanced Techniques In Asset Investigation & Debt Enforcement

This session will explain cutting-edge techniques and legal theories by which to prove fraud and fraudulent transfer, pierce the corporate veil, locate and seize assets, and enforce judgments.

Solving Previously Unsolvable Cases With Digital Forensics

Attend this session to learn how digital forensics, combined with good legal counsel, can lead to great results in civil litigation and other scenarios. Attendees will learn the process that allows material evidence to be gathered and civil litigators to get the truth.

How To Detect Securities Fraud On AIM & Profit From It

Known as 'The Sheriff of AIM', Tom Winnifrith will explain why fraud occurs, how to detect it on any market, especially AIM, and how to profit from that process.

Protecting Data in the Era of Hacks & Leaks

In the wake of the release of 11.5 million hitherto confidential account records known as 'The Panama Papers', which the target, Mossack Fonseca law firm, claims was obtained through hacking, and various other leaks of client information, this session will look at prudent steps to protect your data, whether stored on mobile devices, servers or in other electronic form.

The Sunday Times Rich List: How Is It Compiled & Is It Accurate?

The Sunday Times Rich List compiler Philip Beresford explains how the list started in the 1980s, pressures on newspaper management to stop it, and how wealth is calculated.

UK Offshore Tax Evasion Schemes: Why New Penalties and Reporting Requirements Will Fail & Solutions to the Problem

A sobering review of current and past major UK tax evasion and financial schemes from an experienced international financial investigator. The discussion will center around the government's reaction to these crimes and how the new civil and criminal penalties against clients and providers involved in offshore tax evasion, common reporting system and beneficial ownership registries will improve reporting, but do little to prevent or stop future schemes.

'Football for Sale': The Investigation That Rocked English Sport

The 'Investigation Editor' of The Telegraph newspaper will discuss the undercover investigation into bribery and corruption that has rocked English football, causing the resignation of Sam Allardyce as manager of England's national team after just one game in charge, as well as leading to other firings and suspensions in the sport. The City of London Police is reviewing The Telegraph's evidence with a view to conducting a criminal investigation.

Closing Remarks

A wrap-up of the conference's main talking points.