Opening Remarks

An introduction to the conference, its aims and a breakdown of who is in attendance.

President Trump: How His Policies Will Affect Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes, Corruption Investigations, Financial Regulations & Other Areas of International Finance

This session will look at the likely impact on high-value international financial products and services under U.S. President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, including financial regulations and laws, such as FATCA; tax avoidance schemes by major global corporations and high net worth individuals, corruption investigations and prosecutions, and offshore finance in general.

Chapter 15: Offshore Case Round-Ups & Updates

Chapter 15 of the U. S. Bankruptcy Code, which deals with access to U. S. courts in foreign insolvency proceedings, went into effect in 2005, so it's no longer a baby. It's now a tween. This session will explore the most recent Chapter 15 developments and discuss what kind of teenager Chapter 15 might become.

Inside Wall Street: Fraud As A Business Model

This session will present evidence that fraud is not an occasional occurrence by rogue employees among Wall Street's major financial institutions and their service providers but is, in fact, a business model. This session will include looking at Wells Fargo's creation of millions of fake accounts to boost revenues.

Recovering Assets In The $600 Billion Per Year Counterfeit Goods Industry

In this session, Damon NcCoy and Stephen Gaffigan will discuss the problem of online sales of counterfeit goods, the financial institutions that support the activity, and how to go about recovering assets from those responsible.

Offshore Tax Fraud: Lessons Learned From 'The USA v. The Billionaire Wyly Brothers'

This session will review the massive offshore tax fraud committed by the billionaire Texas business moguls Samuel Wyly and Charles Wyly, and the numerous financial planning errors that caused their collapse, including improperly-used offshore trusts, lack of minimal disclosure, overly complex structures, failed tax strategies and the inability to use current aggressive tax avoidance methods as a substitute.

Filing Foreign Claims In the USA: Jurisdictional Benefits & Legal Hurdles

This session will analyze the benefits of adjudicating foreign disputes in the USA and the legal hurdles that must be overcome in order for cases to be accepted.

Recovering Value For Investors In Companies That 'Go Dark'

This session will explore ways to recover value for investors when publicly-traded foreign companies that incorporate in the USA "go dark" and stop reporting to securities regulators, something that is a particular problem with firms from China.

Weaponizing Information: The Rise Of Fake News To Influence Political & Business Events

This session will look at the increasing problem of fake news, how it can influence public opinion, and look into why certain people are susceptible to fake news that, to others, is clearly not believable.

'Til Divorce Do Us Part: Recovering Assets Concealed By High Net Worth Spouses

This session will look at the hunt for offshore assets in some of the most bitter and extraordinary high net worth matrimonial proceedings in recent years, including the 'Sarah Pursglove v. Robert Oesterlund' and 'Michelle Young v. Scot Young' divorces.

1MDB: Dissecting One Of The World's Biggest Financial Scandals

This session will look at extraordinary allegations of billion dollar fraud and corruption involving 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which is controlled by the Government of Malaysia and was set up ostensibly to facilitate long-term economic investment for the country through global partnerships and promoting foreign direct investment.

Litigation Funding Fails: How & Why Law Firms & Funders Came Dangerously Unstuck In Cases Gone Wrong

Litigation funding has taken off over the last few years, with an increasing number of asset recovery cases funded by third parties who are seeking to make a handsome profit. The industry is not without its risks, however. Some cases have backfired spectacularly for participating law firms and funders, leaving them exposed to substantial damages and other liabilities.

Cross-Border Clashes and Cooperation Among Courts

This session will explore judicial initiatives in the area of cross-border judicial communication and cooperation, a topic that has been thrust into the spotlight due to recent developments in the 'Liberia v. ACE' asset recovery/litigation funding case at federal court in the United States.

Fraud & Corruption In The Caribbean: How Was The £400 m Harlequin Property Scam Allowed To Go On For So Long & Who Can Be Held Liable?

This session will look at an investment fraud perpetrated by a British former bankrupt double-glazing salesman whose group raised more than £400 million from 6,000 mainly British pension investors by selling the dream of properties in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados and St. Lucia.

Binary Options Fraud: Inside A Multi-Billion Dollar Global Crime Wave

This session will look at binary options fraud, which has become a global phenomenon, particularly in Israel, where many of the perpetrators are based.

SEC Performance Review: Behind The Enforcement Statistics

After a thorough review of 15 years of SEC enforcement actions, Professor Urska Velikonja found that the widely-circulated statistics were invalid, and the metrics deeply flawed, with the SEC double and triple counting many of its enforcement actions and overstating fines.

Economic Citizenship & Second Passports: An Investigation

The sale of citizenship has grown into a $2 billion business, with poor island countries cashing in on demand for their passports from abroad. But who are the buyers? Why would they want a second passport, anyway? What actors are behind the growth of the citizenship industry, and how do these middlemen help their clients offshore not just their assets, but themselves?

Russia's State-Sponsored Criminal Activity: Fact vs. Fiction

This session will discuss evidence of the Russian Government's involvement in criminal activity, including hacking, fraud, money laundering, murder and, of course, influencing foreign elections and try to determine fact vs. fiction and the scale of the problem.

Closing Remarks

A wrap-up of the conference's main talking points.


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