• Andrew Neuman

    Andrea Neuman

    Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (New York)

    Andrea represents Chevron in its environmental litigation with Ecuador

  • Andrew Dawson

    Andrew Dawson

    Associate Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law (Miami)

    Professor Dawson specializes in cross-border insolvency issues.

  • Anne Champion

    Anne Champion

    Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (New York)

    Anne represents Chevron in its environmental litigation with Ecuador.

  • Arthur DanDesande

    Arthur VanDesande

    Founder, Concorde Associates & Retired Senior Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation, Offshore Coordinator (Miami)

    After serving for over 29 years as an IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent, Art is now a private consultant, assisting international businesses in assessing risk, advising on environmental issues and meeting compliance requirements. He also educates governments and banks about offshore financial issues, fraud and correspondent banking topics.

  • Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

    Atossa Araxi Abrahamian

    Journalist & Author (New York)

    Atossa Araxia Abrahamian is a journalist and the author of 'The Cosmopolites', a book about buying and selling citizenship.

  • Austin Smith

    Austin Smith

    Principal, Wealth Recovery International (New York)

    Appalled by what he saw while working in Israel's binary options industry, Austin Smith moved back to New York and started Wealth Recovery International, which helps victims of binary options fraud recover their losses.

  • Barry Leon

    Barry Leon

    Commercial Court Judge (BVI)

    A Canadian attorney, Barry was appointed as the Commercial Judge of the BVI High Court, effective March 16, 2015.

  • Bethania Palma

    Bethania Palma

    Fact-Checker, Snopes.com (Los Angeles)

    Bethania helps to determine fact vs. fiction at one of the Internet's leading fact-checking websites.

  • Bryan Stiernagle

    Bryan Stiernagle

    Program Manager, Offshore Compliance Initiative, IRS (Minnesota) 

    Bryan serves as Program Manager for the IRS' Offshore Compliance Initiative, which promotes compliance with U.S. tax and foreign information reporting laws through enforcement actions directed at identifying U.S. taxpayers involved in abusive offshore tax schemes and the banks, other financial institutions and third parties that facilitate their offshore financial arrangements.

  • Carolyn Schenck

    Carolyn A. Schenck

    Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS (Los Angeles)

    Carolyn has litigated numerous cases on behalf of the IRS in U.S. Tax Court, specializes in tax fraud, foreign accounts, and foreign reporting penalties and also assists the U. S. Department of Justice in cases involving John Doe summonses, injunctions, summons enforcement, criminal tax, and abusive tax return preparers and promoters.

  • Christopher Ayers

    Christopher Ayers

    Attorney, Anderson Kill (New York)

    Christopher specializes in corporate and commercial litigation, alternative dispute resolution, domestic and foreign investment recovery.

  • Constantine Karides

    Constantine Karides

    Partner, Reed Smith (New York)

    Constantine Karides Partner, Reed Smith (New York) Constantine is a partner in Reed Smith's Financial Industry Group. Constantine counsels companies and funds in a wide range of matters including distressed credit and special situations transactions, private equity, restructurings, and corporate governance.

  • Damon McCoy

    Damon McCoy

    Assistant Professor, New York University Tandon School of Engineering (New York)

    Damon made 300 purchases of fake luxury goods online and found that the proceeds of 97% of them went into accounts provided by China's largest three banks, which are all owned by the Chinese Government.

  • Daniel Carnio Costa

    Daniel Carnio Costa

    Honorable Judge, First Bankruptcy Court of São Paulo (Brazil)

    Honorable Judge Daniel Carnio Costa sits in the First Bankruptcy Court of São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Daniel Rashbaum

    Daniel Rashbaum

    Partner, Marcus Neiman & Rashbaum (Miami)

    Daniel is an experienced trial lawyer, specializing in white collar criminal defense, internal investigations, regulatory enforcement, and qui tam litigation.

  • Dan Reeves

    Dan Reeves

    Founder, Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting Group & Retired Senior Advisor, IRS Offshore Compliance Initiative (New Jersey)

    While with the IRS from 1977 to 2012, Dan developed many of the investigative techniques currently being used to identify U. S. taxpayers with offshore bank accounts and has led a number of high-profile investigations that involved the use of John Doe summonses to obtain offshore banking records, including UBS AG, HSBC, the Stanford Financial Group and others.

  • David Marchant Headshot

    David Marchant

    Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert (Miami)

    David specializes in exposing serious financial crime while it is in progress.

  • David Dinner

    David Dinner

    Managing Partner, Dinner Martin (Cayman Islands)

    David specializes in general corporate/commercial litigation and medical malpractice/clinical negligence claims, as well as insolvency, trust and estates disputes.

  • David Kerstein

    David Kerstein

    Investment Manager & Legal Counsel, Bentham IMF (New York)

    Dave acts as a resource for companies and individuals seeking to mitigate risk or achieve their business objectives with non-recourse funding of commercial lawsuits. He also helps law firms use portfolios of litigation as collateral for financing.

  • David Mikkelson

    David Mikkelson

    Founder, Snopes.com (Washington State)

    David is the founder of Snopes.com, the Internet's oldest and best-known fact-checking site.

  • Dave Sutherland

    David Sutherland

    Manager, Epps Forensic Consulting (Arizona)

    A former criminal investigator, Dave's specialities include evaluating claims.

  • Dawn J. Smith

    Dawn Smith

    General Counsel & Director, Legal and Enforcement, Financial Services Commission (BVI)

    As Director, Legal and Enforcement, Dawn has primary day to day responsibility for the legal, enforcement and international cooperation functions of the BVI Financial Services Commission.

  • Don Hawthorne

    Donald Hawthorne

    Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider (New York)

    Don represented CIGNA Worldwide Insurance Company in litigation with businesspeople in war-torn Liberia which resulted in a criminal contempt charge filed against an opposing asset recovery attorney and a litigation funder.

  • Drew Sullivan

    Drew Sullivan

    Editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Drew is a journalist and media development specialist, specializing in investigations into organized crime and corruption.

  • Dustin Delany

    Dustin Delany

    Partner Law, Delany Law (Barbados)

    An international business law specialist practicing throughout the Caribbean Community, Dustin's firm represents victims of the Harlequin fraud.

  • Edward Estrada

    Edward J. Estrada

    Partner, Reed Smith (New York)

    Ed is the chair of Reed Smith's Financial Industry Group, practicing in the Complex Litigation, Financial Services Litigation and Commercial Restructuring & Bankruptcy Groups.

  • Edward H. Davis, Jr.

    Edward Davis, Jr.

    Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

    Based in Miami, Ed specializes in international fraud and asset recovery and has been involved in several high-profile cases.

  • Edward M. Morgan

    Edward Morgan

    Judge, Ontario Superior Court (Toronto)

    Edward was appointed a judge of the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto in June 2012.

  • Emily Slater

    Emily Slater

    Director, Burford Capital (New York)

    London Stock Exchange-listed Burford Capital has over $2 billion committed to the legal market and has a team of over 80 people in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific who work with clients around the world.

  • Eronides dos Santos

    Dr. Eronides Aparecido Rodrigues dos Santos

    Bankruptcy Prosecutor, São Paulo (Brazil)

    Lead prosecutor on the Petrobras investigations resulting from the losses caused by the Lava Jato matters to shareholders and investors

  • Eryn Schornick

    Eryn Schornick

    ‎Policy Advisor, Banks & Corruption, Global Witness (Washington, D.C.)

    Eryn Schornick An attorney, Eryn specializes in shareholder advocacy, supply chain transparency, corporate transparency and accountability. Eryn Schornick is a policy advisor on the Anti-Money Laundering team at Global Witness, an international advocacy organization that seek to expose and break the links be

  • Gary Miller

    Gary Miller

    Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon (Chicago)

    Gary represents acclaimed BVI-based fraud and asset recovery attorney Martin Kenney in the contentious 'Liberia v. CIGNA/ACE' litigation.

  • Gina Smith

    Gina Smith

    Co-Founder, aNewDomain.net (USA)

    A New York Times best-selling author and investigative journalist, Gina has recently been investigating the topic of fake news.

  • Gonzalo Zebellos

    Gonzalo Zeballos

    Partner, BakerHostetler (New York)

    Since 2009, Gonzalo has been the lead attorney since 2009 on the BakerHostetler team that serves as court-appointed counsel to the SIPA trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

  • Gregory Grossman

    Gregory S. Grossman

    Founding Shareholder, Sequor Law (Miami)

    Greg specializes in creditors' rights, including bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, restructurings, and litigation involving the Uniform Commercial Code.

  • Henrique Forssell Speaker

    Henrique Forssell

    Partner, KDF Advogados Associados (Brazil).

    Henrique has served as lead counsel on many complex transnational asset recovery cases out of Brazil involving billions of dollars in losses by victims.

  • Ian Richardson

    Ian Richardson

    Director, Grant Thornton (Leeds)

    Ian leads investigations and initiates recovery actions for a wide variety of creditors, including HMRC (tax losses), financial institutions (loan recoveries), commercial organisations (bad debts) and private investors who have lost money in dodgy investment schemes.

  • Jack Blum

    Jack Blum

    Chairman, Tax Justice Network (USA)

    Jack has significant experience and focuses his practice in the areas of bank and securities firm compliance, congressional investigations, international financial crime, money laundering and offshore tax evasion.

  • James Little

    James Little

    Founder & Managing Director, Drumcliffe LLC (Washington, DC)

    James oversees a portfolio of approximately $14 billion in high-value insolvency claims involving aspects of commercial fraud, asset recovery, and third-party liability.

  • Jeff Lane

    Jeff Lane

    Partner, Tanner De Witt (Hong Kong)

    Jeff conducts a strong commercial litigation practice with a focus on domestic and complex multi-jurisdictional financial fraud disputes and asset tracing and is Hong Kong's go-to specialist in the growing area of cyber fraud.

  • Jeffrey Marcus

    Jeffrey Marcus

    Partner, Marcus Neiman & Rashbaum (Miami)

    A former federal prosecutor, Jeff's practice focuses on white collar criminal defense, government enforcement actions, complex business litigation, health care and qui tam litigation and corporate internal investigations.

  • Joe Dickerson

    Joe Dickerson

    Founder & CEO, Financial Forensic Services (Denver)

    Joe specializes in locating and seizing assets to satisfy judgments.

  • John McDougal

    John McDougal

    Retired Special Trial Attorney, IRS (Virginia)

    Prior to retiring from the IRS in December, 2016, John was assigned to the IRS' Offshore Compliance Initiative.

  • John Pottow

    John Pottow

    Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School (Ann Arbor)

    John is an internationally recognized expert in the field of bankruptcy and commercial law.

  • Jonathan Sablone

    Jonathan Sablone

    Partner, Nixon Peabody

    Jonathan is a litigation partner and chair of Nixon Peabody's Private Funds Dispute practice.

  • Jonathan Winer

    Jonathan Winer

    Lawyer, Consultant & Diplomat (Maryland)

    Jonathan is a lawyer, consultant, and diplomat who served as the State Department's first Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Law Enforcement from 1994-1999 during the Clinton Administration and, until January, 2017, as the U.S. Special Envoy for Libya in the Obama Administration.

  • Joseph Downs

    Joseph Downs

    Managing Director, US Mortgage Resolution (Pennsylvania)

    Joe heads US Mortgage Resolution LLC, a private mortgage investment management company specializing in acquiring, managing and working out defaulted residential mortgages.

  • Lincoln Caylor

    Lincoln Caylor

    Partner, Bennett Jones (Toronto)

    Lincoln specializes in all aspects of fraud, errors and omission claims, securities litigation, commercial arbitration and contractual disputes.

  • Louis Burke

    Louis Burke

    Founder, Louis F. Burke P.C. (New York)

    Specializing in representing investors who have suffered losses, Louis is advising victims of 1MDB on how to obtain damages and recover assets.

  • Marcelo Sacramone

    Marcelo Sacramone

    Honorable Judge, Second Bankruptcy Court of São Paulo (Brazil)

    Hon. Judge Sacramone's court currently handles matters of judicial reorganization related to the leases of oil tankers by companies caught in the Lava Jato investigation.

  • Mark Goodman

    Mark Goodman

    Partner, Campbells (Cayman Islands)

    Mark specialises in insolvency, restructuring and investment fund litigation.

  • Metta MacMillan-Hughes

    Metta MacMillan-Hughes

    Litigation Partner, Lennox Paton (Bahamas)

    Specializing in insolvencies, especially regarding trust assets held by insolvency firms, Metta regularly represents celebrities and high net worth individuals who have retired to the Bahamas or who have chosen to place their assets offshore.

  • Michael Weisz

    Michael Weisz

    Founder & President, YieldStreet (New York)

    Michael is responsible for the investment strategy, originator network and investor acquisition of YieldStreet, a specialty finance and alternative lending platform.

  • Paul Radu

    Paul Radu

    Executive Director, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Romania)

    Apart from his role with the OCCRP, Paul is a co-creator of the Investigative Dashboard, a tool to help investigators research financial crime.

  • Randall Wray

    Randall Wray

    Professor of Economics, Bard College (New York)

    L. Randall Wray Randall Wray's research focuses on providing a critique of orthodox monetary theory and policy, and the development of an alternative approach. Senior Scholar L. Randall Wray is a professor of economics at Bard College. His current research focuses on providing a critique of orthodox monetary

  • Roy A. Powell

    Roy Powell

    Partner, Jones Day (Pittsburgh)

    Roy successfully defended U.S. oil and gas company Texas Keystone Inc. against litigation funder Excalibur Ventures' $1.6 billion claim for an interest in petroleum fields in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • Stephane Bonifassi

    Stephane Bonifassi

    Partner, Bonifassi Avocats (France)

    Stéphane Bonifassi specializes in fraud, corruption, asset recovery, forfeiture and confiscation cases, transnational enforcement of judgments and internal investigations.

  • Stephen Baker

    Stephen Baker

    Senior Partner, Baker & Partners (Jersey)

    Stephen specialises in asset recovery actions, particularly those involving political corruption and the unravelling of offshore structures.

  • Unknown

    Stephen M. Gaffigan

    Founder, Stephen M. Gaffigan, P.A. (Fort Lauderdale)

    Stephen's 22 years practicing law have been devoted exclusively to anti-counterfeiting and brand protection on behalf of major players in the fields of luxury goods, sports and apparel, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals. His practice has a specific emphasis on the restraint and collection of assets related to the enforcement of trademark rights against foreign web based criminal organizations.

  • Thomas Ajamie

    Thomas Ajamie

    Managing Partner, Ajamie LLP (Houston)

    Tom has handled a number of high-profile cases, including groundbreaking securities and financial cases, cross-border litigation, business contract disputes and employment issues.

  • Urska Velikonja

    Urska Velikonja

    Associate Professor of Law at Emory University (Atlanta)

    Specializing in researching securities regulation and enforcement, Urska has compiled a large database of securities enforcement actions, which she has used to illuminate and challenge the perceptions of U.S. securities enforcement.

  • Will Fitzgibbon

    Will Fitzgibbon

    Reporter, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (Washington, D.C.)

    Will was a reporter on ICIJ's Swiss Leaks project and heads ICIJ's Africa Desk, coordinating and expanding ICIJ's collaboration with journalists across Africa.

  • William K. Black

    William Black

    Associate Professor of Economics and Law, University of Missouri (Kansas City)

    Bill Black is a white-collar criminologist and author of the book 'The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One'.

  • Yves Klein

    Yves Klein

    Partner, Monfrini Crettol & Associés (Switzerland)

    Yves specialises in litigating and coordinating transnational asset recovery proceedings before civil, criminal and bankruptcy courts on behalf of victims of economic crimes, such as fraud and corruption, or parties seeking to enforce their claims, judgments or arbitral awards against assets concealed in Switzerland or abroad.

  • Zachary Potter

    Zachary Potter

    Partner, Fisher, Bendeck & Potter (West Palm Beach)

    A former corporate litigator, Zachary now specializes in high net worth and complex family cases and was featured in a New York Times article headlined 'How To Hide $400 Million' in 2016 about his firm's client Sarah Pursglove's attempts to trace the assets of her wealthy former husband Robert Oesterlund.


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