Making Sense of Big Data In Global Finance

Making Sense of Big Data In Global Finance

Two sessions on how Big Data can be managed, structured, and analyzed to understand what’s going on will take place at next month’s OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami.

Big Data In one session entitled ‘How The SEC Uses Big Data To Detect Insider Trading’, the SEC’s Assistant Director, Division of Enforcement, Market Abuse & Cyber Units will discuss the SEC’s techniques to detect suspicious trading patterns. Carolyn Welshhans will be joined by attorney Daniel Hawke who, prior to entering private practice, was the first chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Market Abuse Unit.

In another session entitled ‘How The ICIJ Manages And Organizes Huge Data Dumps Like The Panama And Paradise Papers’, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ Chief Technology Officer will discuss how the ICIJ makes sense of the huge data dumps it receives, including the 13.4 million ’Paradise Papers’ records and the 11.5 million ‘Panama Papers’ records. Pierre Romera will be joined by ICIJ Data Journalist and Researcher Cecile Schilis-Gallego.

The OffshoreAlert Conference is devoted to providing attendees with the tools necessary to be successful in the world of high-value international finance, whether you’re an investigator, provider or buyer of products and services … and to provide a neutral environment where sophisticated stakeholders - both onshore and offshore - can network, discuss ideas and differences and, hopefully, do business with each other.

The event will take place at The Miami Beach EDITION hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on April 15-17.

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