Letter from the Editor

David Marchant, OffshoreAlert Owner & Editor

Letter from the Editor

Barely a day goes by without a major news organization publishing a negative story about Offshore Financial Centres. The situation has become so bad that many jurisdictions are too embarrassed to even refer to themselves as an OFC, preferring instead the generic term 'International Financial Centre'.

In organizing this event, I struggled mightily about whether to use the terms IFCs, Small IFCs or even Niche IFCs, anything except OFCs, in my desire not to offend our core market, i.e. offshore practitioners (or should that be IFC, Small IFC, or Niche IFC practitioners?).

I'm fully aware of how sensitive many in the industry are about nomenclature. However, after much deliberation, I decided to stick with the word 'offshore' because: 1. I don't consider the word to be pejorative and neither should others; and 2. It's the adjective that most accurately describes what OffshoreAlert actually covers, i.e. jurisdictions where the overwhelming majority of financial services sector clients live overseas, or offshore. After all, our conference is not about London, New York or Tokyo so why should I use the overly-broad term IFC?

The OffshoreAlert Conference aims to go beyond the clichés and stereotypes that are typically trotted out whenever OFCs are discussed and provide attendees with accurate and up-to-date information about a complex, fast-moving, substantial and important area of international finance.

The fact that I own 100% of OffshoreAlert allows me to deliver this information to you impartially, not beholden to anyone. Credibility means everything to me and it is important that our event is not perceived as anti-offshore or, conversely, a pep rally for the industry, but as fair and balanced. That is the only way we can provide true value to the people who pay good money to attend.

The one thing I have learned above everything else in 15 years of publishing OffshoreAlert is that you can't rely on anyone else to do due diligence for you. Everyone is in business for themselves, including your professional advisors, associates, colleagues – and, yes, even you.

If things go wrong, your assets could be wiped out and your reputation ruined. So, if you have a stake in the offshore world, I urge you to take personal responsibility and arm yourself with knowledge by joining me in London on November 26-27.

I look forward to meeting you.


David Marchant

Download the OffshoreAlert Conference Europe 2012 Brochure

OffshoreAlert Conference Europe 2012: Investigations & Intelligence

26 - 27 November 2012, Central London

For More information visit www.OffshoreAlertConference.com or Call +1 305-372-6296

The OffshoreAlert Conference Europe: Investigations & Intelligence 

26 - 27 November 2012 | The May Fair Hotel | London 

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