We look forward to welcoming you to our 7th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe on November 12-13, 2018 at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London. 

This Financial Intelligence & Investigations event will provide the tools necessary to be successful in the world of high-value international finance.

It is designed for buyers, providers and investigators of high-value, complex international financial products and services in major onshore and offshore jurisdictions including the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

What you'll receive:  

  • Lucrative business relationships with key players in some of the biggest deals in global finance.
  • Ways to identify fraud and legally profit from it.
  • Tools and knowledge to locate, organize and understand information related to high-value international finance.
  • Latest developments on recovering value, including litigation funding. 

There will be 18 sessions for investigators, providers and buyers of financial products and services. All are designed to help you better understand and operate more effectively in the world of high-value international finance - an industry that seldom forgives mistakes.

The focus will be on:

  • Techniques to avoid and detect serious financial crime, particularly investment fraud; 
  • Recover assets or other forms of value if you've already been swindled; 
  • Finance recovery litigation from outside parties, and 
  • Identify money-making opportunities.

Topics will include:

  • offshore financial centres, 
  • beneficial ownership, 
  • cryptocurrencies, 
  • blockchain technology, 
  • artificial intelligence, 
  • the 'Algosaibi v. Al Sanea' judgment in the Cayman Islands, 
  • the dark arts of information-gathering, 
  • examples of trustees stealing settlors' assets, and 
  • rampant investment fraud by British expats in Spain's Costa del Sol.

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Who Should Attend

The OffshoreAlert Conference is for everyone who is involved in international finance - in any capacity.

Fraud Investigators
Asset Recovery Specialists
Insolvency Practitioners
Litigation Funders
Compliance Officers
Money Managers
Pension Fund Bosses
Law Enforcement
Officers & Directors
Tax Advisers

Get in touch

For information about the programme and speaking opportunities, please contact:

David Marchant
T: +1 305 600 2878

For tickets and media partnership opportunities, please contact:

Naomi Comerford
Director of Marketing & Sales
T: +1 305 600 2505

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Lina Kravitz
Sales Executive
T: +1 305 600 2504

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What's the #1 reason to attend?

Networking... After all, our attendees are involved in some of the biggest deals in global finance. And forming those lucrative business relationships is the number one reason attendees come back year after year.

What will you get?

A holistic approach to financial crime. At out events you will not only learn how to identify fraud, but also profit from it, recover your assets if you are a victim, and, generally, understand what’s happening in the world of high-value international finance so that you can make better-informed decisions.

Is this event for me?

If you want to learn how to identify fraud and profit from it or if you're in high-value international finance than you belong in London this November.

2017 Recap

OACLONDON 2017 featured 215+ of the "Who's Who" in the industry—and 2018 will too. This is your opportunity to meet - in one place at one time at minimal expense - senior stakeholders in high-value international finance.

  • 216 senior financial industry professionals from 32 onshore and offshore jurisdictions attended OffshoreAlert Conference London 2017. 
  • 8 hours of networking with some of the world's top fraud investigators, asset recovery specialists, insolvency practitioners, litigation funders, regulators, law enforcement agents, victims, service providers, and financial journalists from major news organizations 
  • 20 cutting-edge sessions about identifying, evaluating and exploiting financial opportunities.

We are proud to continue our commitment of bringing an eclectic group of senior financial industry participants together to learn and network … people who ordinarily might only meet each other in adversarial situations. 



Itineraries For Every Kind Of Attendee

Good news: there's a lot of content at The OffshoreAlert Conference. Bad news: there's a lot of content at The OffshoreAlert Conference. If you need some help making sense of it all, we've got just the thing. We've built recommended agendas for every kind of OffshoreAlert Conference attendee.

2018 Agenda

More Details Coming Soon.

What to expect in 2018


In the past one of our presenters exposed FIFA’s senior officers five years before they were criminally indicted for fraud and corruption. Law enforcement interviewed our speaker after the event and the rest ... as they say ... is history. This year's program will feature sexy, original content and the industry's most newsworthy speakers.

international high-value financial products and services
Sexy Sessions.


OAC LONDON 2017 featured 215+ of the "Who's Who" in the industry—and 2018 will too. To your right might be an offshore provider; on your left, an asset recovery specialist; behind you, a regulator or law enforcement agent; and in front, a client contemplating a multi-million dollar business decision. This is your opportunity to meet - in one place at one time at minimal expense - senior stakeholders in high-value international finance.

Image of Networking
Unparallelled Networking.

Fun, Friends, Food.

There's more to OAC LONDON than great content—it's also a lot of fun! How could it not be with a rooftop cocktail reception overlooking St. Paul's Cathedral, high quality restaurants, nightclubs, bars and shops in one of the most exciting cities in the world. OAC LONDON isn't just 200+ fellow attendees: it's 200+ new connections in your network.

Image of Fun, Friends, Food.


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