'Appleby Leak' Session Added To OffshoreAlert London Agenda

OffshoreAlert London 2017

Following the bombshell revelation this week that Appleby law firm's client records had been leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, OffshoreAlert has added an eleventh-hour session about the matter to the agenda of next month's London conference.

"I've extended invitations to both Appleby and the ICIJ to participate in the session," says OffshoreAlert's owner and editor, David Marchant.

"This is a significant event in the world of high-value international finances and raises important questions such as 'privacy vs. public interest', the use of 'stolen' data, how to protect data in the era of leaks, and the type of business that was being transacted."

The 6th Annual OffshoreAlert Europe Conference will take place at The Grange St. Paul's Hotel, in London, on November 13-14.

Sessions include:

  • NEW! Inside The 'Appleby Leak': What Does It Reveal?
  • NEW! Detained Overseas: The Ordeals of Foreign Businesspeople;
  • What's The Smart Money Doing? Understanding What's Happening in International Finance So You Can Recognize & Exploit Opportunities;
  • International Asset Recovery: A 'Full & Frank' Discussion Of Emerging Key Issues & Developments;
  • The Undisputed Offshore Finance King: How & Why the City of London Will Clean Up After Brexit;
  • Explained: New Sanctions for Facilitators of Tax Evasion & Avoidance Schemes;
  • Successful Litigation & Claim Enforcement Strategies Against Sovereign States;
  • How to Set Up Advanced Open Source Intelligence-Gathering Techniques to Investigate & Monitor Your Clients, Enemies & Brand;
  • Binary Options Fraud: Inside A Multi-Billion Dollar Global Crime Wave;
  • Regulating the World's Most Protected Species: Offshore Lawyers;
  • Litigation Funding: An Overview of the industry & How You Can Use It To Finance Your Claims;
  • Investment Fraud: Understanding The Liabilities of Professional Service Providers;
  • Litigation Funding: Cases Gone Horribly Wrong;
  • OffshoreAlert - 20 Years Later: What I've Learnt About Investment Fraud & Offshore Finance;
  • Litigation Funding: Evaluating Claims & Choosing The Right Cases To Fund;
  • Football Leaks: The Dirty Dealings of International Football;
  • Niche Stock Exchanges: Who Are Their Clients & Are They Safe For Investors; and
  • Russia As A Criminal Organization.