Beyond the Clichés: How to Investigate Offshore Entities

Beyond the Clichés: How to Investigate Offshore Entities

Two of the biggest myths about offshore financial centres are that they are all the same and that information is almost impossible for investigators to obtain.

The reality is that they vary greatly in terms of quality and information is indeed available to both the public and governments - if you know where to look for it and how to obtain it.

A session entitled 'Understanding Offshore Financial Centres: A Guide For Investigators' will form part of OffshoreAlert's European Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference that takes place next week in London.

It will be presented by OffshoreAlert's owner and editor, David Marchant; fraud and asset recovery attorney Ed Davis and financial crimes investigator Dan Hall.

"Even when you obtain information, you still need to know how to interpret it properly, which is particularly important given the widespread use of nominees as directors and shareholders, and determine whether it is even accurate," says Marchant.

"Cayman Islands-based lawyer Michael Alberga, Managing Partner of Travers Thorp Alberga, once provided me with a doctored share register that fraudulently concealed a company's ownership by a debt-ridden fraudster. I will explain how I immediately knew that the "true and accurate" copy of the register provided by Alberga was fraudulent and explain how I eventually obtained an un-doctored copy."

The session is one of 18 on the theme of 'Financial Intelligence and Investigations' that are aimed at providers, clients and investigators of international financial products and services.

Registrants from 22 onshore and offshore territories have registered to attend the event, which is designed to help attendees better understand what is taking place in the world of international finance so that they may better assess business opportunities, reduce their risk of becoming a victim of financial crime and, if that has already happened, learn how to go about recovering assets.

More information about The 3rd Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe can be found at

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