Early Bird Registration Now Open - OffshoreAlert London | OffshoreAlert Conference (London, November 12-13)

Early Bird Registration Now Open - OffshoreAlert London

OffshoreAlert has opened registration for our 7th Annual Europe Conference on 'Financial Intelligence & Investigations', which will take place in London on November 12th and 13th.

The first 25 Private Sector Tickets are available for a discounted price of £645 each, plus VAT, which is a saving of £250 off the standard ticket price. If you're 35 or under, the price is even cheaper - just £550 - as we introduce our 'Tomorrow's Leaders' initiative to London.

Click here to get your discounted ticket now.

There will be 18 sessions for investigators, providers and buyers of financial products and services. All are designed to help you better understand and operate more effectively in the world of high-value international finance - an industry that seldom forgives mistakes.

The focus will be on:

  • Techniques to avoid and detect serious financial crime, particularly investment fraud; 
  • Recover assets or other forms of value if you've already been swindled; 
  • Finance recovery litigation from outside parties, and 
  • Identify money-making opportunities.

Topics will include:

  • offshore financial centres, 
  • beneficial ownership, 
  • cryptocurrencies, 
  • blockchain technology, 
  • artificial intelligence, 
  • the 'Algosaibi v. Al Sanea' judgment in the Cayman Islands, 
  • the dark arts of information-gathering, 
  • examples of trustees stealing settlors' assets, and 
  • rampant investment fraud by British expats in Spain's Costa del Sol.

The 7th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe will take place at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel, in London, on November 12-13, 2018.


Register Now & Save

Super Early Bird Savings of £250!

What's the #1 reason to attend?

Networking... After all, our attendees are involved in some of the biggest deals in global finance. And forming those lucrative business relationships is the number one reason attendees come back year after year.

What will you get?

A holistic approach to financial crime. At out events you will not only learn how to identify fraud, but also profit from it, recover your assets if you are a victim, and, generally, understand what’s happening in the world of high-value international finance so that you can make better-informed decisions.

Is this event for me?

If you want to learn how to identify fraud and profit from it or if you're in high-value international finance than you belong in London this November.

Itineraries For Every Kind Of Attendee

Good news: there's a lot of content at The OffshoreAlert Conference. Bad news: there's a lot of content at The OffshoreAlert Conference. If you need some help making sense of it all, we've got just the thing. We've built recommended agendas for every kind of OffshoreAlert Conference attendee.

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