Learn to identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities, how to minimize risk, and available remedies if your once-promising deal turns sour.

OffshoreAlert conferences are about nothing if not mixing high-value business with top-quality entertainment and our next one in Miami Beach will kick-off with a private TV screening of the World Heavyweight Title Fight between Britain's Anthony Joshua and Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko.

The fight will take place one day before the start of The 15th Annual OffshoreAlert North America Conference, which will be held at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida on April 30th to May 2nd, 2017. The theme is financial intelligence and investigations.

Screening the fight for early-arriving attendees embodies our philosophy of gathering the leading participants in high-value international finance in one place at the same time so they can network in one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

We do this by putting on sexy sessions that appeal to the intelligent, successful, influential and wealthy. Where else would you see a session entitled 'EXPOSED: Six Investment Scams In 60 Minutes (a.k.a. Six Defamation Lawsuits in 60 Minutes)'?

Among the 24 sessions are:  

  • President Trump: How His Policies Will Affect Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes, Corruption Investigations, Financial Regulations & Other Areas of International Finance;
  • The 'Panama Papers' One Year Later: What Impact Has It Had On Offshore Financial Centers & Their Foreign Clients?;
  • Fraud & Corruption In The Caribbean: How Was The £400 m Harlequin Property Scam Allowed To Go On For So Long & Who Can Be Held Liable?;
  • EXPOSED: Six Investment Scams In 60 Minutes (a.k.a. Six Defamation Lawsuits in 60 Minutes);
  • Inside Wall Street: Fraud As A Business Model;
  • An Introduction To Asset Recovery;
  • Offshore Tax Fraud: Lessons Learned From 'The USA v. The Billionaire Wyly Brothers';
  • How Litigation Funding Is Shaking Up The Legal Industry;
  • Suing Sponsors Of Terrorism: Who Are The Targets & What Is The Burden Of Proof?;
  • Strategies to Obtain Information in Offshore Jurisdictions;
  • Recovering Value For Investors In Companies That 'Go Dark';
  • Filing Foreign Claims In the USA: Jurisdictional Benefits & Legal Hurdles;
  • Rampant Fraud & Corruption in Brazil: Inside Operations Lavo Jato, Zealot & Greenfield;
  • Weaponizing Information: The Rise Of Fake News & Hacking To Influence Political & Business Events;
  • 'Til Divorce Do Us Part: Recovering Assets Concealed By High Net Worth Spouses;
  • Litigation Funding Fails: How & Why Law Firms & Funders Came Dangerously Unstuck In Cases Gone Wrong;
  • 1MDB: Dissecting One Of The World's Biggest Financial Scandals;
  • The Men Who Would Be Kings: The Impact Of Ultra Wealthy Foreign Residents Who Dominate Offshore Jurisdictions;
  • Fraud Victims Pitch Their Claims To Funders;
  • Chapter 15: Offshore Case Round-Ups & Updates;
  • Economic Citizenship & Second Passports: An Investigation;
  • SEC Performance Review: Behind The Enforcement Statistics; and
  • Buying & Selling Claims & Judgments: How To Evaluate Deals & Get The Best Price.

We're selling the first 50 tickets for $1,595 on a first-come, first-served basis, after which the per-ticket price will increase to $1,895.

Our Miami Beach conference typically attracts over 250 attendees from more than 25 countries in different continents.

Our event is for everyone who is involved in high-value international finance – in any capacity. Insolvency Practitioners. Asset Recovery Specialists. Litigators. Investigators. Regulators. Law Enforcement. Officers & Directors. Auditors. Bankers. Tax Advisers. Asset Managers. Company Managers. Compliance Officers. Investors. 

The conference will show participants how to identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities, how to minimize risk, and available remedies if your once-promising deal turns sour.

You will also make valuable contacts by mingling with the crème de la crème in the private and public sectors of major onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

If you're involved in high finance, then you should be in South Beach this May. And if you're financially savvy, the best deal to be had on tickets is to be one of the first 50 paid-up registrants.  

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