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Corruption Exposed: How A President’s Daughter Became Africa’s Richest Woman


The corrupt rise to billionaire status of Isabel dos Santos – and the role of Western financial enablers – will be scrutinized at the upcoming OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami.

The eldest daughter of the former president of Angola traveled the world claiming to be self-made. Until last month, that is, when a cache of leaked records published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists indicated that she made it through corruption.

At The OffshoreAlert Conference on financial intelligence and investigations, ICIJ investigative reporter Scilla Alecci will discuss the investigation into dos Santos and the role in her rise to wealth played by shell companies, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers.

It is one of many sessions that are designed to explain what is REALLY going on in high-value, cross-border finance so that attendees can take advantage of emerging opportunities and/or avoid problems.

Other sessions include those on:

  • The World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Fraud (Bitfinex);
  • The World’s Biggest Tax Scam (CumEx);
  • The First FATCA Criminal Prosecution (Presented by the Case’s US Prosecutor);
  • The Ukraine Whistleblower’s Story (as told by his attorney);
  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Locate Hidden Bank Accounts;
  • The Latest Developments in International Judicial Assistance;
  • How to Trace Cryptocurrencies & Other Virtual Assets;
  • The Controversial Use of Mass Data Leaks as an Investigative Tool;
  • The Legal Liabilities Faced by Investigators & Those Who Hire Them; and
  • Plenty More.

The 18th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference North America will take place at the Miami Beach EDITION hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, on April 19-21.

The event attracts fraud and asset recovery specialists, insolvency practitioners, investigators, regulators, law enforcement, journalists, service providers, and other stakeholders in high-value, cross-border finance.

The networking opportunities presented by the quality and diversity of attendees is unparalleled, exceptional, and invaluable.

To register or find out more about our conference, please visit www.oacmiami.com.