Crypto recovery takes center stage at next week’s vGlobal

OffshoreAlert vGlobal 2022

As the tide goes out on the crypto industry and the ‘geniuses’ are shown to be swimming naked, the life-guards have set about recovering assets for victims.

How to investigate crypto, find, freeze and seize assets – and have it financed by third-party litigation funders – will be tackled at next week’s OffshoreAlert vGlobal virtual conference.

If you’ve lost money in crypto, whether you’re a client of Sequoia Capital or an armchair investor, you will have the opportunity to meet and listen to experts who can help you.

“I’m sure there are a lot of disillusioned crypto participants who are feeling helpless right now. We’re here to help you.”
– David Marchant, OffshoreAlert's founder, owner and editor.

Anyone anywhere in the world with Internet access can watch live sessions and network with experts – FOR FREE.

Our vGlobal conference on intelligence, investigations, and recovery in high-value international finance will take place on Dec. 5-9.

Sessions include:

  • Bitfinex’ed: A Crypto Whistleblower Speaks;
  • Crypto Winter: Insolvency, Asset Tracing & Dealing With This New Asset Class;
  • How to Conduct OSINT Crypto Investigations;
  • Meet the Experts: Asset Recovery Q&A;
  • Converting Crypto into Fiat Currency;
  • Disrupting Common Sense: A skeptic’s Take on Crypto;
  • Asset Recovery: Funding (Incl. Crypto-Related Litigation);
  • IRS Presentation: Taking Crypto;
  • Must-Have Tools for OSINT Investigations;
  • The Shady World of Shadow Diplomats;
  • Offshore Intelligence & Investigations;
  • China’s Commercial Espionage Operations & Tactics;
  • How to Investigate Property Ownership in Dubai;
  • Asset Recovery: Latin America; and
  • Too Big to Jail: HSBC’s Involvement in Financial Crime.

Picture-in-picture will allow you to have sessions on in the background, while you conduct your regular work on your computer or mobile device.

To register for vGlobal, inquire about sponsorship, or view our agenda, please visit


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