Cube Infrastructure Fund SICAV et al v. The Kingdom of Spain: Complaint

Complaint to recognize and enforce an arbitral award of €33.7 million in losses, plus costs of €1.5 million and $262,500, in Cube Infrastructure Fund SICAV, of Luxembourg; Cube Infrastructure Managers SA, of Luxembourg; Cube Energy SCA, now Cube Energy Sarl, of Luxembourg; Demeter Partners SA, of France, and Demeter 2 FPCI, of France v. The Kingdom of Spain at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

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    June 23, 2020
    The Kingdom of Spain
    James E. Berger, King & Spalding
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    Cube Infrastructure Fund SICAV, Cube Infrastructure Managers SA, Cube Energy SCA, Demeter Partners SA, Demeter 2 FPCI