Dale Burgess et al. v. Attorney General et al.

Dale Burgess et al. vs. Attorney General et al. – Bermuda Supreme Court

Bermuda Supreme Court

Case Number: 17 of 2003

Filing Date: January 15, 2003

Plaintiff(s): Dale Burgess; Paul Hollis; George Scott; Damon Smith; Sheldon Steede; Bermuda Industrial Union

Defendant(s): Attorney General; SAS-Serco Ltd.

In the matter of the Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 and In the matter of the Trade Union Act 1965 and in the matter of the Trade Union Act Amendment Act 1998 and in matter of a decision dated 1 March 2001 of a tribunal appointed by the Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety

Plaintiff Attorney: Trott & Duncan

17 of 2003
Dale Burgess, Paul Hollis, George Scott, Damon Smith, Sheldon Steede, Bermuda Industrial Union
January 15, 2003
Attorney General, SAS-Serco Ltd.
Trott & Duncan


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