Dan Reeves: My Experiences Leading the IRS Investigation into Offshore Tax Structures

Prior to his retirement on June 30, 2012, Dan Reeves was the lead investigator for the Internal Revenue Service's Offshore Credit Card Project, Offshore Private Banking Initiative and other offshore compliance initiatives.In that capacity, he helped to develop many of the investigative techniques and procedures currently being used to identify United States taxpayers with offshore bank accounts and has led a number of high-profile investigations that involved the use of John Doe summonses to obtain offshore banking records.Although he is precluded from discussing specific cases, Dan will talk about the development of the IRS' offshore programs, difficulties he and his team encountered along the way, and how they overcame numerous obstacles, including jurisdictional issues.Speakers
  • Dan Reeves, Founder, Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting Group & Retired Senior Advisor, IRS Offshore Compliance Initiative (New Jersey)


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