Dante Locatelli v. Caetano Rosa Holding Corp. et al: Discovery Application

Application by Dante Locatelli, a citizen of Brazil, to take discovery from Caetano Rosa Holding Corp., of the Marshall Islands; BHW Alpha LLC, BHW Omega LLC, and Pryor Locatelli Consulting Services LLC, all of Florida, for use in legal proceedings in Brazil and the Marshall Islands involving allegations that “his sister, Cristiane Locatelli, committed various financial improprieties in a covert scheme to take over certain family assets/businesses”, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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    April 02, 2021
    Caetano Rosa Holding Corp., BHW Alpha LLCl, BHW Omega LLC, Pryor Locatelli Consulting Services LLC
    Dante Locatelli
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    Luis Perez, Akerman LLP