Dubai’s Role in Financial Crime to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert London

    In the wake of Dubai’s decision this week not to extradite fugitive British hedge fund trader Sanjay Shah to Denmark to face $1.7 billion tax fraud charges, evidence that the UAE has become a magnet for financial criminals will be analyzed at next month’s OffshoreAlert conference in London.

    A session titled ‘UAE Uncovered: The New Ground Zero for Financial Crime‘ will be presented by investigative journalists Eiliv Frich Flydal, of Norway, and Tom Stocks, of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

    They will, among other things, present examples – obtained from a data leak – of fraudsters, oligarchs, and sanctioned politicians owning property in Dubai and, generally, pouring money into the city.

    It is one of 16 sessions on intelligence, investigations, and recovery in high-value international finance that form the 9th Annual OffshoreAlert London Conference, which will take place on October 17th and 18th.

    Other speakers include former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Hogan-Howe, intelligence specialist Christopher Steele, former Editor of The Independent Chris Blackhurst, and leading investigators, insolvency practitioners, and others from onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

    If you’re analyzing risk, evaluating opportunity, investigating entities, resolving disputes, seeking funding, or recovering value, our event is for you.

    Sessions include:

    • Normalizing Fraud: The Crazy World of Crypto;
    • Must-Have Investigative Tools;
    • Russia: Financial Crime Intelligence & Sanctions Evasion;
    • OSINT Guide to Crypto Investigations;
    • Advanced Crypto Investigations & Recovery;
    • Fighting Fraud & Earning Rewards: Programs Available to Crypto & Other Whistleblowers;
    • Too Big to Jail: HSBC’s Involvement in Financial Crime;
    • The Coin That Could Wreck Crypto;
    • The Art of Global Intelligence-Gathering: Facts vs. BS;
    • Detecting Match-Fixing in Sport;
    • Asset Recovery Tips;
    • Asset Recovery Fails: What Went Wrong & What Are The Lessons?;
    • OneCoin: The Missing Billion-Dollar Cryptoqueen; and
    • ‘ENRC v. Gerrard’: Will International Investigations Ever Be The Same?

    You’ll meet and mingle with more than 200 of the world’s leading intelligence-gatherers, investigators, asset recovery attorneys, insolvency practitioners, litigation funders, professional service providers, regulators, law enforcement, journalists, and others.

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