D&V Pegasus Real Estate AIF VCIC Plc: License Revocation

Public Notice by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission that it has revoked the license of D&V Pegasus Real Estate AIF VCIC Plc. Editor’s Note: Research by OffshoreAlert at the Cyprus Registrar of Companies showed that the directors of D&V Pegasus Real Estate AIF VCIC Plc were identified as Gunther Glatzel, Gunter Jurgen Vorbauer, and Andreas Dimitriou, while the company’s website at pegasusfm.com identified its “Board of Directors” as “Gunter J Vorbauer – Chairman; Andreas Demetriou – Vice Chairman; Christos Vakis – Member; Dr. Gunther Glatzel – Member”, “External Manager” as MFO Asset Management Ltd., “Depositary” as Eurobank Cyprus Ltd., “External Auditors” as KPMG Ltd., “Legal Advisor” as Clerides Anastassiou Neophytou LLC, and “Investment Advisors” as Planet Properties (London) Ltd. and PPM Valuations LLC.

  • September 10, 2021