Espirito Santo Financial Portugal v. Centerbridge Partners LP et al: Discovery Application

Application by Pedro Pidwell, as liquidator of Espirito Santo Financial Portugal, SGPS, SA, described as “an insolvent Portuguese entity and a remnant of what was once the Espirito Santo Group, a 150-year old Portuguese commercial dynasty that collapsed in 2014 amid a financial crisis and allegations of fraud, accounting irregularities, and money laundering involving its former Chairman, Ricardo Espirito Santo Salgadoto”, take discovery from Centerbridge Partners LP and Apollo Global Management Inc., f.k.a. Apollo Global Management LLC, for use in legal proceedings in Portugal, filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    February 01, 2021
    Centerbridge Partners LP, Apollo Global Management Inc.
    Espirito Santo Financial Portugal SGPS SA
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    Fraud, Money Laundering
    David Rivkin, Gregory Hauser