Estonia: Priit Porila et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence from Citizens Bank NA and Citibank NA – pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Estonia – for a criminal investigation into “Estonian citizens Priit Porila, Aivar Riis, Dmitri Fokin, Australian citizen Manjit Singh Hansra, Ukrainian citizen Inna Svyrdovska and others, Estonian Companies OU Feature, Glomus Corp. – Estonia Branch, Har-Lex LLC – Estonia Branch, Command Trade Agency, Inc. – Estonia Branch, and U.S. companies Har-Lex, LLC, Inversio Partners LLC, BPB Holdings LLC, Command Trade Agency, INC, and Ironsale LLC, and others for money laundering”.

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    July 09, 2021
    Citizens Bank NA, Citibank NA
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    Money Laundering