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Trustworthy & Unbiased

There have never been more sources of information, thanks to social media and over one billion websites.

But finding anything credible can be difficult as dilettantes masquerade as experts, opinion is presented as fact, and lies are dressed up as truth.

Let OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL be your beacon of clarity amid this fog of confusion and deceit.

Our quality, impartiality, and integrity will help you navigate the opaque and unforgiving world of high-value international finance.

If you're analyzing risk, evaluating opportunity, investigating entities, resolving disputes, seeking funding, or recovering value, vGLOBAL has it all.

Join us wherever you are, without leaving your home or office.
"The dishonest, incompetent, and negligent hate and fear OffshoreAlert. It's the ultimate endorsement."
David Marchant, Founder & CEO, OffshoreAlert
Monday, dec 6 

Offshore Day

  • State of the Industry
  • Insiders Speak Fact vs. Fiction
  • Innovative Financial Products & Services
  • How to Avoid Becoming the Next 'Pandora Papers'
  • 'Meet the Providers' Networking
Tuesday, dec 7

Investigations Day

  • Organizing & Understanding Big Data
  • An Investigator's Guide to Swiss Banking
  • Understanding & Investigating Offshore Entities
  • OSINT Tools for Financial Investigations
  • 'Meet the Investigators' Networking
Wednesday, dec 8

Recovery Day

  • Litigation Funding: How To Fund Your Claim
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Locate Hidden Assets
  • High-Value International Recovery: Tips From The Experts (Part One)
  • High-Value International Recovery: Tips From The Experts (Part Two)
  • 'Meet the Recovery Experts' Networking
Thursday, dec 9

Crypto Day

  • The Future of Money or Fool's Gold?
  • What are the Best Jurisdictions for Crypto Start-Ups & Why?
  • How to Investigate Crypto
  • How to Recover Crypto
  • 'Meet the Crypto Experts' Networking
Friday, dec 10

Keynote Day

  • Keynote Presentation 1
  • Keynote Presentation 2
  • End of Conference

December 6-10  •  Online

vGlobal 2021

Value & Benefits

+ 5 Days To Learn, Meet & Do Business Globally
+ Live & On-Demand Sessions 
+ Q&A With Experts 
+ AI-Matchmaking Pairs Wants With Haves
+ Video Meetings
+ Speed Networking
+ Product Demos
+ Interactive Booths 
+ Picture-in-Picture: Watch While Exploring
+ Desktop & Mobile Friendly

For all stakeholders in high-value international finance

+ Advisors
+ Analysts
+ Clients
+ Consultants
+ Directors
+ Fact-Finders
+ Funders
+ Insolvency Practitioners
+ Intermediaries
+ Investigators
+ Investors

+ Journalists
+ Law Enforcement
+ Litigators
+ Managers
+ Officers
+ Politicians
+ Professionals
+ Recovery Specialists
+ Regulators
+ Victims
+ Whistleblowers

"It's like that famous bar in 'Star Wars', where they all come together - the good guys, the bad guys, the seriously guilty - and they all exchange information on neutral territory."
Jack Blum, financial crime lawyer, Washington, D.C., describing our event in The Wall Street Journal in 2009.
Intelligence and investigative tools to help you navigate the opaque and unforgiving world of high-value international finance, if you're a client, investigator, investor, or provider.

vGLOBAL 2021

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