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vGLOBAL is organized by KYC News., Inc., d.b.a. OffshoreAlert, which has been in continuous existence since being incorporated in Florida on November 21st, 1996. The company is wholly-owned and operated by its founder, David Marchant, an investigative journalist who is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States. OffshoreAlert provides intelligence on participants in high-value, cross-border finance via investigative articles, documents, conferences, and webinars, with an emphasis on high-confidentiality jurisdictions.

    Speaking Inquiries 

    David Marchant
    Owner & Editor 
    Phone: +1 305 600 2878
    Email: editor@offshorealert.com

    Marketing Inquiries 

    Naomi Comerford
    Marketing & Sales Director
    Phone: +1 305 600 2505 
    Email: ncomerford@offshorealert.com

    Sales Inquiries 

    Lina Kravitz
    Sales Executive 

    Phone: +1 305 600 2504 
    Email: lkravitz@offshorealert.com

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