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TAC/Global Services, Panthaky, Sine
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 5/25/2005 12:40:35 AM

By: thelady

Wesley Sine is the CEO of Utah Restaurant association. In Salt Lake Tribune August 23 2003 he made republican contributions. He has his name on 2 1/2 pages of businesses of the Utah chamber of commerce. Including one " kjells viking feast catering" Registered one day after Kjell Karlsson filed for bankruptcy. Original company Viking's Feast Catering inc. aka Vikings Feast Catering llc. Mr. Karlsson made trips to Africa. Also involved is Myron Lee Abbott. included in a fraud case on Appeal "Utah vs Hutchings" Ron Hausaur, and Jerry Sheets. also involved.
Mr. Karlsson also has business under "A Vikings Feast" a DBA of "Kjells Viking Feast"

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/19/1999 9:28:55 AM

By: Marc M. Harris

The same holds here. No.

Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 12/18/1999 1:32:21 PM

By: none supplied

Once again, I am trying to make connections. Some of the players with TAC International (Bahama corporation involved in high-yield scams) started Global Services Inc. (Bahama corporation and Wyoming corporation). No telling where investors funds are but Global Services is suing Dahra Panthaky and Wesley F. Sine. Any information on these two individuals would be appreciated. Also the attorney for Global Investments is Patrick L. Graves. Anyone have any information on this attorney? Anyone know if he is related to another California attorney, Arthur A Graves III? Anyone know if any of these individuals are related to Marc Harris of The Marc Harris Organization? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/24/2006 9:15:23 AM

By: the lady

Update: Kjells vikings Feast, a business registered by Wesley f Sine of Salt Lake city Utah, Has been renewed. Mr Sine is currently in a federal prison in Sacramento California for Mail Fraud.
"Kjells vikings feast" was registered one day after Kjell karlsson of Provo Utah filed bankruptcy in Utah. The business has ran under the DBA of "A Vikings Feast" Registration has been expired for years.
They were opperating under an invalid business license with Provo City utah. Kjell Karlsson filed his first bankruptcy January 3 2000, Then he told trusties that the original company "Vikings Feast Catering" was bankrupt and he was collecting unemployment and working with a friend. He testified that he was not involved with any other business entities. Then he testifed at a later date that he was working with yet another friend under the name "Viking Catering" and the name "A Viking Catering". He testified to bankrutpcy court and civil court in 2003 that he was working at the bussiness known as "A Vikings Feast". Now the catering company is registered and licensed under the previously registered name of " Kjells Vikings Feast".
The new registered Signer is Robyn Karlsson Provo Utah, Kjell Karlsson's wife. She was working for the original company for Kjell Karlsson and his previous wife. They later married.
The address on the registration at the Utah department of commerce, is the business office of Wesley F Sine. Listed on the business registration is Myron Lee Abbot who is listed in the case of Utah vs Hutchings controling one of the bank accounts in a fraud case, and Ron Hausaur also listed is Jerry Sheets.
Kjells vikings feast was assessed a tax judgement naming Robyn Karllson on the judgement for 21,000.00 for 2003. Kjells vikings feast has filed a SBA disclosure claiming the company makes 800,000.00 a year.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/6/2006 7:34:00 AM

By: the lady

September-October 2006.

Registration with Utah department of Commerce Renewed registration for Kjells vikings Feast, aka, A Vikings feast, still goes by the bankrupt company name of Vikings Feast, changed signers.
From Wesley F Sine (who is in Federal prison in Sacaramento for mortgage fraud) To Robyn Karlsson, Kjell Karlsson's wife.
Robyn Karlsson also put her name on a SBA (Small business Administrations) discloser that the company makes 800,000.00 a year. Other names are not registered, According to the codes of Provo Utah, You must register the DBA that you are running your business in order to recieve a Business License.
Vikings Feast or its equivilant is a vendor for Provo City.
Kjell Karlsson testified that him and his wife Robyn Karlsson only worked for other people, believed efforts to hide the original company from the bankruptcy courts and the civil courts.
Now Robyn Karlsson is putting her name as registered agent and also contact for the Small business Admin. who loans Fanie Mae money. Mr. Sine had claims of having Fanie Mae certificates in his mortgage fraud conviction. Myron Lee Abbott is currently listed as President of Kjells Vikings Feast, with Ron Hausaur as Vice President and Jerry Sheets as Secritary.
The address is still the office of Wesley F Sine who is in prison.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/8/2005 8:13:50 AM

By: laura

Wesly Sine convicted of mortgage fruad in Sacramento California. Kjell Karlsson also filed fraudulent 1099 on 65 year old woman for theft of over 28,000.00 cash and claimed to have paid her over 17,000.00 in cash, for employment. Karlsson also testified that the woman was wanted by the FBI. Woman appeared at hearing to testify of Karlsson's lies. Woman had many governor, and red cross awards. Karlsson continues to hide Vikings Feast Inc. A Vikings Feast, which is a dba of Kjells Vikings Feast Inc. Karlssons claims that he makes less than his wife who is the assistant manager of the business. He claims that he is only a worker.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 9/13/2005 8:55:45 AM

By: Laura

Wesley F Sine boasted in Salt Lake Tribune to be the COE of Utah Restaurant Association (registered in wives name). Sine made Political contribution. Wesley Sine has name on over 2 1/2 pages of small businesses registered with the Utah Chamber of Commerce. Wesley Sine has buddies. Myron Lee Abbott, who has now became president over some of Sines registered small businesses, Also listed in a fraud case "Utah v Hutchings" Abbott held bank account used in scam. Other buddy Kjell S Karlsson owner of " A Vikings Feast Catering" (business goes by verious names) Karlsson makes almost weekly trips to Las Vegas. Karlsson traveled to Africa around 2000-2003. Karlsson also travels to Florida. Has connections to Sweden and Europe.
Similarities: These people use businesses keep the names, let DBA's expire, register a near name corporation. Run money through expired business names. Pay employies of expired businesses through near name corporation. Businesses that they aquire come from businesses that are being hidden and transfered using bankruptcy. Other buddies. Ron Hausour of Pleasant Grove, and Jerry Sheets. (listed on registrations)
Myron Lee Abbotts newest interest is "Harvest Fresh" Orem Utah.
DBA has expired. Claimed coporation is N & F natural Foods, all with Wesley F Sines address and is affilliated with the 2 1/2 pages of businesses with Wesley Sines name as president, signer, etc. on them.
Now Myron Lee Abbott claims to be president. Shows change of property with Myron Lee Abbott and Wesley F Sine.
Similar actions with Myron Lee Abbott, Wesley F Sine, and Kjell Karlsson concerning A Vikings Feast in Provo Utah.
(Kjell Karlsson took out verious Bankrupties on Vikings Feast Catering, Viking Catering, A Viking Catering. Now Running as A Vikings Feast Catering (expired registration) being paid under Kjells Vikings Feast Catering inc.

Please contact if you need more info.



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