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How to find a HYIP?
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 1/6/2000 8:05:04 PM

By: David Marchant

You don't want to find a HYIP. Every single one of them is a scam. There is no such thing as a guaranteed high yield investment.

FIBG is a complete joke involving people with multiple names, defendants in criminal and civil actions, a former bakrupt as its chairman, a sham insurance company 'insuring' deposits, a fake CPA as an auditor, etc.

David Marchant

Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
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Posted: 1/6/2000 4:06:21 PM

By: Jim Anderson

Hello everyone,

If I wanted to find one of these programs, how are they advertised or promoted. I think something is going on in the Los Angeles area and I'm tryin to get some "scoop." FIBG is being thrown about as well.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 1/6/2000 10:42:55 PM

By: Jim Anderson


First of all I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from your responses and information here and your responses at Goldhaven. However I have a friend who, I think, is being duped by someone posing as one of these people. I've submitted documentation to the SEC, the FBI, the Attorney General's office, the Treasure Dept. and anyone else I can think of. My friend is an unwitting "patsy", in my opinion, for this guy who poses as this "Christian" man wanting to help humanitarian efforts who calls himself "God's Paymaster." I want him busted now! I want to try and find out where he is getting his "investors" and try to get the lowdown on him. According to the ICC report I think he is trying to use her as some sort of "wrapping" figure or processs in order to fund her projects in the television and movie industry, thus cleaning or laundering the funds. I've no proof at this time only "contracts", proposals and what he has told me via the telephone about representing the Federal reserve and being able to bring about returns of $3,500 per month with an investment of $10,000. I've posted many references to him and the people he is involved with, but as of yet have no verifying substantiation. If you or anyone else can help, I need it. This guy doesn't have any money to his name, yet claims to be this savvy investor who hides his money, if any in the FIBG. No house to his name, a 1979 BMW, loans and everything else in everyone else's name, something is fishy. Can you help?
P.S. I'm no flake. I'll show anything in my background if this clown will also. His name is Lewis J. McConnell Jr. a.k.a. (Jerry) He supposedly deals with an Anton Werner out of New York who allegedly owns a company that cannot be found. American Trade Center & World Alliances Corp. Who allegedly deals in sugar and other commodities as well as setting up American Express offices in London and dealing with another Company from the UAE...Oil & Marine Technical Supplies. and a Captain Casey. Have you or anyone else heard of these?


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