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Mr. Ornstein's financial qualifications, an outstanding mystery!
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/1/2002 10:22:48 PM

By: Okke Ornstein

I missed this message from yet another anonymous poster, which is really a shame because it's so funny.

Leaving the remarks about my career in advertising and television for what they are, I especially enjoyed the statement that "Marc conned me" into "doing this".

Let me help those that ludicrously use ANY piece of information to tie me to Harris et al a little more in their comical endeavours.

I was there yesterday evening. The Place.

I had a party in the Miramar hotel in Panama City. The hotel is on the Avenida Balboa, which runs along the Pacific coast of the city. The hotel is huge, chique, expensive and beautifull. There is a marina, swimming pools, health clubs, you name it.


It's also the hotel where Brent Wagman was arrested by FBI agents and without further formalities deported to the US (which cost the heads of Interpol and the Technical police here in Panama their job later)!

Now I am sure that all you anonymous posters and other great intellectuals will find this valid evidence of me being heavily involved with Wagman (whom I don't know) and his business. After all, we visit the same hotel within a three years timeframe!

Oh, and the party was great. I met lots of fun people. No sign of the FBI this time. Then again, they're probably too busy investigating real terrorists and their networks.

Okke Ornstein

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/29/2002 1:35:23 PM

By: Okke Okke Okke

Here are the answers:

1) None. Mr. Ornstein is a failed TV producer/journalist.

2) None. Mr. Ornstein has no financial education of any sort.

I can't even imagine the sort of *investors* who would be willing to give him money. Okke's only "claim to fame" is that he participates on the PT list service, and probably none of those nuts have been able to accumulate anything like investable cash.

Sad, really. David's presumptions that Marc conned him into doing this and that Okke is merely fronting for Marc are probably 99% or more correct. Okke apparently cannot accept that Marc is a scam artist, period, and Okke has attack David for having the audacity to reveal this.

Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
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Posted: 11/29/2002 12:14:52 PM

By: David S. Lesperance

It has been a bit tiresome to be led by Mr. Ornstein through various diversionary discussions (fascinating in a "mountain out of mole hill" way) involving the backgrounds of David Marchant, Matt Blackman and myself (see various recent threads). I thought in the interests of staying on the original topic that we should try to draw Mr. Ornstein's attention to some outstanding questions about his qualifications to run any type of investment fund (i.e. The Tulip Fund). Only, when (and if!) we can draw some favourable conclusions about Mr. Ornstein's qualifications should we then move onto discussing the structure of the fund itself.

So to continue with this discussion, I would ask Mr. Ornstein to please begin by setting out:

1) Your financial education
2) Your experience in the operation of investment funds

I also invite my fellow posters to ask any further questions they think may be useful in having answered, as we want to give Mr. Ornstein a FULL opportunity to convince us of his qualifications.

As a final bit of fun I would also ask someone to to refresh all our memories as to when the above questions were originally asked of Mr. Ornstein.

Mr. Ornstein, the floor is yours sir.

David S. Lesperance


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