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James Dale Davidson of Agora etc.
Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 6/21/2003 12:23:19 PM

By: antonio

Does anyone know of Mr.James Dale Davidson's offshore activities? Does-did he get debenture deals with the penny stocks through Balmore S.A. or Celeste,for instance? In particular did he get his Endovasc shares through those offshores? (He has stated for the 'record' that he had a 'few'
Endovasc shares he received for exchange of some unknown patent
with the company.Then more recently he states in a 'tout' of the company that he hed a 'substantial' holding.)
I know he got a special deal with the company that other shareholders did not.My presumption is they came by way of Balmore or Celeste and in May of last year just before that company's fraudulant 'reverse split' he was given a 1 for 1 exchange and avoided that split.Early in 2002 Balmore and Celeste filings showed 0 Endovasc share holding but I don't think they had dumped them all and they went somewhere.
Anything anyone might know about this 'newsmax'cyberfraud con artist would be appreciated,including any offshore dealings he might be involved with.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/21/2003 5:54:48 PM

By: Comment to Antonio

I don't think you will find the answer to who are the investors/beneficial owners/ or whatever of these offshore entities. Your best bet might be to contact folks involved in lawsuits against some of the offshore entities and see if anything interesting turned up during discovery. That Sedona company might be a good place to start.

Best of luck,
Hunter (Scambust at ragingbull)

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/21/2003 3:58:50 PM

By: nearly scammed

I nearly did a deal w/him about 10 yrs ago. Without taking the time to explain, let me tell you up front that the guy is a colossal fraud. He is the ultimate insider because he touts the companies using his newsletter/hype network. The deal I was in I walked because the prospectus (look there for info-harder to hide) revealed that he paid 1/20th of a cent/share and after WE funded over 95% of the $$+ would control less than 20% of the stock. The company should have been a layup to make money, but never really did squat. Not aware of ANY deal he has grown to substantial success for shareholders.

Bahamas corps. with 'unknown beneficial owners' would control a substantial minority position....He was at the time very tight with a Bermuda bank and they did his offshore biz...a local-owned outfit- maybe Butterfield?

He is also a big-time adulterer. Wife left him for same reason. Friends who were temporarily in his orbit say he always has a really hot secretary/asst. arount....character counts!

Sorry can't comment on the specifics of your deal, just can confirm that he is in offshore stuff b/c of tax reasons and also because it is harder to connect the dots back to the scam organizer....why do you think he prefers Canadian SEC vs. USA?


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