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Kondratiev-Keigh on institutional trading
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 6/19/2004 10:36:12 AM

By: institutional trader

Subject: Do these programs really existPosted By: Questioning - Unregistered UserPosted At: (11/8/00 12:23 am)
After reading all the posts on this board, speaking with the FBI years ago, and actually having, to our dismay, met several of the named scammers and lost money to them, is there really such an item as one of these programs. From outside appearances, it seems that a lot of people have swindled literally millions of dollars from innocent victims in giant Ponzi scheme transactions. It appears greed, avarice and dreams of millions made on pennies catches people every time, even some very big boys have put up money and lost it. When you have some once-upon-a-time heavy weight attorneys and formerly reputable investment bankers/socialites touting these programs, a fool and there money will soon be parted.If such schemes existed, why would they need ordinary peoples' money, wouldn't one of the big stock brokerage houses simply buy a bond inexpensively and house it and then at the appropriate time either place it in one of their bond funds or resell it on the known bond market?If one of these programs does exist, would someone kindly explain the mechanics and the reason for it. Thank you.

Subject: No, they don'tPosted By: Alp - Unregistered UserPosted At: (11/8/00 1:31 am)
"Programs" such as represented on these boards do not exist in these forms. These attempt to "mirror" a relatively unknown institutional business, but fall far short of the mark. Additionally, breathtaking misrepresentations are routinely made as to risk.

Subject: AlpPosted By: Dahlgliesh - Registered UserPosted At: (11/10/00 12:01 pm)
Alp is right. 'Programs' as such do not exist.To explain, however, how this business actually works, would take a lengthy description and to understand this you would at least need some basic knowledge about banking.

Subject: a banker's knowledgePosted By: Questioning - Unregistered UserPosted At: (11/10/00 4:27 pm)
The question may have been naive but definitely legitimate. As one who has had their various stock brokerage licenses and took extensive banking courses while in law school, a more than cursory knowledge of the banking system does exist. However, I repeat the question, please explain how these alleged programs work. thank you

Subject: explain relatively unknown institutional businessPosted By: Questioning - Unregistered UserPosted At: (11/8/00 5:33 am)
It would be appreciated if you would explained "mirror a relatively unknown institutional business." Please tell us, in detail about this institutional business." How does it work?

Subject: existence of these programsPosted By: Bemused - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 4:40 am)
I stumbled onto this board whilst surfing from link to link and there are numerous, absolutely hundreds of threads concerning investment of large sums of money.This is a thriving industry with a turn over of billons of dollars.People are arrested and jailed, this does not seem to deter other would be fraudsters.The question is why, if the whole business is one big scam ( the authorities, the banks, politicions,just about every sane and respected institution we can think of), consistently preach that no such business exists. Why then do people keep falling into the same hole.As a neutral observer, I must say that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of non-existence.The other question then arises, what do so called experts in this field profess to know about this non-existant activity. ie.Retired trader, Alp, President Banker.Is would seem apparent that it would be easier to prove the existance of alien presence on earth than to prove the existance of high yielding investments.Or do you know better?

Subject: ProgramsPosted By: Alp - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 4:47 am)
You have to realize that the "investment" activities discussed on this board bear only a passing resemblance to the little known institutional business which actually exists. The scammers and/or dreamers who discuss "HYIP" use the "resemblance" to their advantage. I come here attempting to debunk the myths and the frauds, without giving away too much of the real institutional business, on the theory that it would serve no purpose for private investors, and only help scammers refine their pitch with more legitimate details and jargon.

Subject: Have you made money with these programs Posted At: (10/12/00 5:15 am)
Have you made money with these programsThank you

Subject: As an employeePosted By: Alp - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 10:10 am)
I do this as an "employee". As a result of these activities, my employer has made considerable direct profits, to finance specific projects. I am adequately compensated. So the answer to your specific question is "yes, but indirectly", as I do not operate on my own account. While I have seen individuals participate in this business, I have NEVER seen anything work in the manner most often described on these boards. I'd like to add that I do not accept funds from anyone and have nothing to sell. My personal assessment is that what you see here is a manifestation of 80% well-meaning but ignorant and naive intermediaries disinformed by 20% malicious crooks. My only purpose here is to contribute to the removal of this enormous irritation factor, which is rapidly becoming the "urban myth" of the century.

Subject: investor or sellerPosted By: GIC - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 11:22 am)
It would appear that you have not made any money in this market. I don't buy the idea that you have been 'employed' to do anything. In this market you are either the investor or the seller of the notes/program. You are neither. I see no reason why either side would be employing you at all. I think you are a fraud. You are no different than any other person on this board who has not succeeded in this market. Who are you trying to impress and why? Is this an ego trip for you?

Subject: Trading on behalf of employeePosted By: Alp - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 11:27 am)
As a "trader" trading on behalf of my employer, I have direct knowledge of the business. As I am not an "investor" (we use our own funds) I have no direct participation in the profits from these activities. My compensation, however, is derivative of these profits, as I am compensated by the entity that earns them. I s'pose I could cross "t"s and dot "i"s for you all day long, but I doubt it would result in a better attitude or understanding of the subject on your part.

Subject: Re: Trading on behalf of employeePosted By: LevelPar - Registered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 2:14 pm)
You raise questions that most regular visitors to these Boards never want answered. As I have said before,I have sat Eyeball to Eyeball with the FBI,SEC,State Securities Investigators,and Scotland Yard over the past two(2) years and have been told by all that HYIP as described by the Wannabees on these Boards DO NOT EXIST.I have been involved as an Investor and as an Intermediary in alleged programs from 1M to 100M and have never seen or heard of anyone making a dollar.The question I continue to ask is why, in an alleged "Hush-Hush" business, do an estimated 500 people(my estimate) have a working program to offer you on any given day? Why every stay at home Mom or Grandmother with a fax machine is suddenly an "Expert" in HYIP?I know for a fact that huge sums of money are traded in Private Placement Offerings,but do any of these idiots who have the Hot Program of the Day,ever run out the numbers on what in fact they are touting.Let's see 350% per week on 10M for 40 weeks,that's 1.4B,and Bill Clinton is going to enter the Priesthood after he leaves office.If there were such a program,paying the large returns that these idiots swear to, why would you ever tell anybody. I could do one deal,be set for my life,my childrens,their childrens,etc. The reason for all the hype is because the true scam artist needs these wannabe brokers to stir the pot,so eventually we lambs can be brought to slaughter.The FBI here in the United States calls this "The Scam of the Century".I'm inclined to agree.

Subject: 100mm change handsPosted By: GIC - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 3:05 pm)
if this train of thought continues....... I think the phrase LOL is most appropriate now. I've been watching this board for a few months now, and by the amount of info they had given i reckoned the experts might actualle be onto something. but now, after reading the threads in this one, no way. who is it at the top of this, alp? you say that programmes for 100mm do exist? i don't know that they don't, but after many years in eurobonds I have some idea what size of things 100mm is, how easily it changes hands, and what effect such a change of hands has. but lets assume you are right. so a number of people with 100mm are making huge returns on it. consider(as pointed out by someone about three up, levelpar?) the inflationary effect. with even one of these programmes running as so often described, how long before dollars were worth wallpaper? not very. as a sceptic i cannot help but consider that perhaps you decry the smaller "programmes" but allow the bigger ones so that people who follow you will be more keen to jump in when they see one that is promised to be truly bigger? about the "programmes"; zero coupon deep discount is hardly rocket science, just a willingness of the issuing bank to sell you an asset (be it MTN's or a car) at $$88 which they know they could sell to the man in the street at $94. sound likely? not at banks i have worked at, banks are not full of silly people. so what makes you (the investor) so special that they want to do you that favour? not size, thats for sure; if you have too much money to invest, then they will beat you down not chat you up (unless you promise to give them your too much money at a cheap rate). Programmes as a tool of the Fed to manage the oversease float of US$? no, 1) the Fed manages rates etc purely for domestic consumption, greenspan can let the world go hang if US policy means he tightens or loosens, and 2) its a useless tool anyway, unidirectional, only godd to increase money supply, I doubt receipients of the largesse of programmes would be pleased to give it all back if the fed wanted to tighten....... Finally (not really, just can't be bothered to type any more this afternoon) look at the people on the boards, most have no idea about finance/banking, (no disrespect people, there's a ton i don't know either), you don't see the Alan Wheats of this world (who could be investors and would be aware of such programmes) putting this years bonus into these things and retiring, all the heads of Morgan Stanley and Goldmans and the like just keep on working, if any of this was for real 1) some one would have cracked and blabbed by now, and 2) there would be a load of very rich charities/poor countries/worthy projects etc etc. good luck a tutti

Subject: Re: 100mm change handsPosted By: DCM - Unregistered UserPosted At: (10/12/00 3:11 pm)
I am also new to this board having only watched with some amusment and amazement for a couple of months.But I was intrigued by "cantresist's" statement so I did so checking which only led to more questions.According to the historical data published by the Federal Reserve the M3 for Sept. of 2000 was 6.884 trillion dollars.Keeping this in mind let's use the following model.If 500 people were each investing 100m returning 100% per week over 40 weeks that would amount to 2 Trillion dollars. Over 5 years without compounding that would 10 Trillion dollars.Where is the money? It is not in the money supply.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 8:13:55 AM

By: j - Abolgars & Monaco Investment Corporation

... seems to be one of those elite Swiss financial institutions which register their domains through "" & have Web sites which don't work properly.

Apparently Hashem was the tech-guy in addition to his financial duties, working from Orlando.

Registration Service Provided By: Discount Domains & Webmaster Services

Domain name: MONACO-INV.COM

Registrant Contact:

Hashem Abolgar (
Fax: +1.1
7830 Sugar Bent Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

Administrative Contact:

Hashem Abolgar (
Fax: +1.1
7830 Sugar Bent Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

Technical Contact:

Hashem Abolgar (
Fax: +1.1
7830 Sugar Bent Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

Billing Contact:

Hashem Abolgar (
Fax: +1.1
7830 Sugar Bent Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 04 Jun 2002 00:00:00
Expiration date: 04 Jun 2006 00:00:00

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 7:58:17 AM

By: jurisper

Apart from the Keigh connection, I can't make out much from the Millerton vs Murphy complaint.

A group called WDG acquires all the shares of Millerton from Murphy, Keigh etc in March 98. Murphy gets appointed CEO in April.

The complaint alleges that Murphy and the Millerton CFO ripped off funds & so forth, but it could easily be duelling scammers, especially given the info posted by JC. I also can't make much of the rather cryptic docket sheet, but it seems to me like there was a final dismissal stipulation.

One of the claims is that in August 98, Murphy and the CFO stole $3mn in investor funds from a Millerton account with Bear Stearns. Perhaps this was the same Bear account in the name of Wilkinson Boyd, for the benefit of Millerton, which the MJH Iowans put their money into, in October 98.

The only brief mention of Boyd: "... defendant Murphy improperly extended the term of a loan by Millerton Group to one Michael Boyd". The complaint makes no allegations of wrong-doing on Boyd's part or claims against him.

I wonder if Keigh continued on as an employee at Millerton after the WDG deal, and (assuming he is Alp) Millerton was his "employer" engaged in the not-for-peasants really-truly institutional kinda-HYIP programs he ludicrously boasts of in the message copied above?

Common-sense: Anybody who posts anonymously on public boards claiming inside knowledge about these kinds of deals must be smebody involved in them, and therefore should be assigned a credibility factor of "none". If they do it in the context of trashing other HYIP-related individuals, it's surely to put pressure on people they've been in bad deals with and/or to leverage soopr-sekret inside knowledge in order to bolster their crediility amongst the gullible.

Abolgar: He & his brother (presumably) Firas seem to have lost their association with a number of Swiss companies this year, including Ascofinance SA. Some of the associations don't seem to have lasted very long. From recents SHABs:

Ascofinance SA, à G enè v e , assistance, conseil et courtage
en matière financière, etc. (FOSC du 19.12.2003, p. 7). Procuration individuelle a été conférée à Abolgar Firas, des USA, à Zetzwil.
Journal no 1951 du 16.02.2004
(02136670 / CH-660.0.116.985-5)

Ascofinance SA, à G enè v e , assistance, conseil et courtage
en matière financière, etc. (FOSC du 28.08.2003, p. 7). Procuration individuelle a été conférée à Abolgar Hashem, des USA, à Zetzwil.
Journal no 14411 du 15.12.2003
(02039530 / CH-660.0.116.985-5)

Ascofinance SA, à Genè v e , assistance, courtage, conseil et
commerce de métaux précieux, etc. (FOSC du 23.02.2004, p. 7).
La procuration de Abolgar Firas et Abolgar Hashem est radiée.
Journal no 6541 du 03.06.2004
(02299520 / CH-660.0.116.985-5)

MONACO INVESTMENT GROUP SA, à G enè v e , gestion
de fortune et toutes opérations y relatives, etc. (FOSC du
23.02.2004, p. . La procuration de Abolgar Firas et Abolgar Hashem est radiée.
Journal no 6565 du 03.06.2004
(02299592 / CH-660.0.291.000-1)

BROKINVEST SA, à Genè v e , conseil financier, conseil en
fonds de placement, etc. (FOSC du 03.09.2003, p. 6). Nouvelle
raison sociale: SIGMA DEVELOPMENT GROUP SA. Nouveau
but: étude, réalisation, financement et gestion, en Suisse ou
à l’étranger, pour son compte ou pour le compte de tiers institutionnels ou privés, de toutes opérations dans les domaines mobilier, immobilier, à l’exclusion de tous biens immobiliers en Suisse soumis à la LFAIE, hospitalier, du tourisme, des infrastructures, du génie civil, des travaux publics et routiers, des travaux spéciaux, hydrauliques, fondations, terrassements, ouvrages d’art, galeries, tunnels, travaux d’échafaudage et d’étayage, travaux de second oeuvre ainsi qu’en aménagement et urbanisme; promotion immobilière tant en Suisse qu’à l’étranger pour son propre compte ou pour le compte de tiers institutionnels ou privés. Statuts modifiés le 04.11.2003. Khettabi Jamal, de Lancy, à Carouge (GE), est administrateur unique avec signature individuelle.
La procuration de Allaoui Fayçal est radiée. Procuration
individuelle a été conférée à Abolgar Hashem, des USA, à Zetzwil.
Journal no 12938 du 12.11.2003
(01266242 / CH-660.0.179.003-0)

réalisation, financement et gestion, etc. (FOSC du 23.02.2004, p.. La procuration de Abolgar Firas et de Abolgar Hashem est radiée.
Journal no 6578 du 03.06.2004
(02299630 / CH-660.0.179.003-0)
Journal no 6590 du 03.06.2004
(02299668 / CH-660.0.300.981-1)

FWIW, this has a bio of Firas:

"Firas H Abolgar, Finance Director specializes in the financing of film and television
projects where Pixel-Flick Entertainment is present. Such financing may include
debt-structuring, issuance of stock, private placement or venture capital methods. Firas has been actively involved in the investment arena for over 10 years. Much of his earlier work involved financing the development of telecommunication satellite systems, recycling facilities, purchase/sale of precious-metal commodities, oil contracts, and other activities involving capital markets in 27 countries abroad. Firas has also done extensive work in the public sector involving the asets of hundreds of high net worth/ultra high net worth individuals. Many of these individuals structured their asets according to careful, strategic implementation provided by Firas and his relentless knowledge of financial planning and aset allocation.

Much of Firas's work was carried out through his involvement with Monaco Investment Corporation, a privately-held investment banking firm and Morgan Stanley, to say the least. Firas stronghold lies in his ability to attain necessary funding for a sensible idea and translate it to a completed product by carefully allocating and budgeting allotted funds where necessary, as efficiently as possible, from start to finish."

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 4:41:48 AM

By: jc - Hashem Abolgar (Millerton Trading)

Michael Kondratiev-Keigh was one of the founding members of Millerton Trading. David Marchant posted in the free documents section a complaint by the Millerton Trading against Micahel S. Murphy, who (according to the complaint)preyed on Millerton investors in excess of $3 million.

Some of the other individuals associated with Millerton also appear to have questionable associations. The complaint recites that Dr. Hashem Abolgar was one of the persons with authority to handle the business of Millerton.

Hashem Abolgar had an association with a Swiss company, Ascofinance, S.A. One of the principals of this company was/is Jamal Khettabi.

Mr. Khettabi appears to have a fondness for 1934 Wells Fargo boxes:

"Author:jamal KHETTABI (,
Subject:Re: wells fargo boxes
Mon, May 3 2004 at 10:44 pm
[ Email Msg | Invite ]
I am interested in these boxes
We can organize their repatrilation in a secure way for you or place them in a high yield investment program.
Please feel free to reply at your own convenience

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 3:36:12 AM

By: Pathetic

"You have to realize that the "investment" activities discussed on this board bear only a passing resemblance to the little known institutional business which actually exists"

Well that sure blows "Alp" up. Clue: no legit "institutional business" looks even remotely like HYIP scams, and anybody who says otherwise is a crook or an idiot, usually both.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/26/2004 2:59:37 PM

By: ffbkdavid

..... seems to be one of those elite Swiss financial institutions which register their domains through "" & have Web sites which don't work properly.....



Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/23/2004 11:58:19 AM

By: j -Kaiserauer is a CTA ...

according to the NFA's BASIC registration info system, and Freeman & Co is aregistered IB etc. K is a registered branch manager for Freeman. Freeman = one James Lewis Freeman.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/22/2004 8:05:23 AM

By: j - Gunter Kaisrauer, WDG, "Freeman & Co"

According to the Millerton vs Murphy complaint, a company called World Development Group Ltd (WDG) acquired all the
shares of Millerton from Keigh et al in March 98. WDG appointed Abolgar a director of Millerton, and so on.

WDG seems to have been formally established in CA in April 98:

Number: C2084163 Date Filed: 4/7/1998 Status: forfeited
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Mailing Address
Agent for Service of Process

The registered agent, Gunter Kaiserauer, runs a purported futures broking operation with this Web site: This claims to be the site of "Freeman & Co", with the same address as the WDG registration.

Elsewhere, Kaiserauer claims he started "Freeman & Co" in partnership with a "James Freeman".(

I assume that Gunter actually has absolutely no connection with the better-known Freeman & Co in NY, headed by
Columbia BS professor James L. Freeman (

I don't see any CA registration for Gunter's "Freeman & Co", or any NASD registration for a CA-based Freeman, or for Kaiserauer.

Here's ex-rocket scientist Gunter's bio:

"Gunter Kaiserauer Gunter was born in Germany and received a Masters Degree in Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. After his graduation, he moved to the USA and has lived here since. After his arrival in the USA, he joined the team that sent the first man to the moon, working at Rockwell International and NASA. (His signature can be found on microfilm, together with the signature of his co-workers,
inside a capsule on the surface of the moon.)

While working on this historic project, he discovered his love for the futures markets. Eventually, he decided to quit his engineering career and focus on trading.

In 1970, he joined a small commodity brokerage firm, since he felt that in such an environment his learning progress would be accelerated. Later on, he worked for Shearson Lehman/American Express in Beverly Hills, Calif., for 18 years. In 1992, he joined a small group of ex-Shearson Brokers who had formed an independent brokerage operation... Freeman & Co.

Throughout his career, Gunter has been active in teaching and lecturing. He has given hundreds of seminars to both new and experienced traders, sharing the experiences gained from his own trading activities.

For a while, he was the publisher of a weekly commodity letter and has appeared on nationwide television as commentator on the futures markets.

He has participated in several trading contests (never made it to the number one spot, but quite a few times to a respectable high ranking) and has developed several proprietary computer programs for technical analysis.

His hobbies are flying, sailing, snow skiing, hiking in the mountains, martial arts.

Phone (800)427-5550 "

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 7:58:17 PM

By: Wundrin

With whom is Keigh registered to do trading with, NASD, etc.?

Or is he like his crook buddies just totally unlicensed anywhere?

Has he ever been bankrupt? That was a common attribute of his crook buddies too.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 7:42:24 PM

By: Guilt by Association

The logic of your post escapes me.

You present no evidence of wrongdoing by Keigh.

You present no evidence of wrongdoing by Hashem Abolgar.

You present no evidence that Keigh even knew Jamal Khetabbi, participated in wrongdoing by Khettabi, or condoned wrongdoing by Khettabi.

The logic seems to be that because Keigh knew Abalgar, who in turn knew Khettabi, that Keigh is somehow blameworthy or responsible for the wrongdoing of Khettabi.

Is this guilt by association now?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 1:23:33 PM

By: jc - Oops, Typo! Jamal Khettabi

There was a typo in my prior post. The name is Khettabi, rather than Khattabi.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/20/2004 11:51:52 AM

By: jc - Abolgars and Jamal Khattabi

All of the Swiss entities which j has associated with the Abolgars (which association appears to have been of duration of a year or less and to have ended earlier this month) are associated with Jamal Khattabi:


Finanox/Monaco Investment Group

Brokinvest/Sigma Development Group

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 7/2/2009 12:58:39 PM

By: James Allen Bressem

Chaos is not random. Chaos is a living thinking entity that is the enemy of all life forms. If it gets into your head it starts planning your death. It also uses you to stack dominoes against other life forms. This is what Chaos is; a disease far worse than any microbial disease. What if Chaos got into the minds of ninety percent of the population? Satan would have tremendous power and would work to kill as many as he could; creating a “Master Plan”. The more Chaos in people’s minds the more power Satan has to construct a fortress by securing lies. Once the people’s minds are full of lies they are in Chaos and have no escape as Chaos won’t allow them to think of things that will solve the problem. This is all happening in the world today.

So what is Satan’s “Master Plan”? Satan has placed weather, earthquake, and lighting technology (see Nicola Tesla, HAARP) into the satellites surrounding the Earth with a space station to provide electricity. Knowledge of this enslavement plan is probably why J. F. Kennedy, Marylyn Monroe, Lynard Skynard, and John Denver died. He has constructed buildings and other structures holding millions of tons of glass above the people’s heads in all cities. He has infiltrated medical, research laboratories where blood samples of hundreds of millions of people are stored. See HeLa incident. He has wired all computers to the internet and equipped them with mandatory spy ware DCOM, COM+,, DTS. These technologies are of no use to citizens but they exist on every computer and if you try to delete them the operating system will stop working. DCOM, COM+, DTS allow others to view and operate your computer through a network while you are using it. Satan has every radio and television fixed to be interruptible by any outside device (FCC regulations for parts 15 & 16). The cold war was used to accumulate weapons not all of which are known. Some of those weapons would be Nuclear. Foods served to the needy at shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens all follow a pattern which intends to reduce the health of the people consuming it. Pellagra is a disease caused by Niacin deficiency and all these places endorse it’s proliferation by neglecting to provide green vegetables. The Universal World Reference Encyclopedia states (1945 edition – because the new ones are written by Chaos) that the insane asylums of the Southern USA are filled with African Americans principally because of the disease Pellagra which causes insanity. They also frequently serve foods equipped with spices etc. that cause diarrhea. If you look closely around you it will become obvious that many things have been set up to hurt, kill or contribute to the hurting or killing of as many Humans as Satan can get. Millions of acres of land devoted to nothing more than nurturing a common weed (grass) which amounts to little more than an extermination of the insects which are the base of the food chain as a consequence of the mowing and trimming. Down the street you’ll find Humans heralding their Homosexual aspirations which is another form of Satanic genocide as those who fail to bread fail to propagate. Modern civilization is little more than a cemetery being created by Satan via the chaos in the people’s minds. Statues and pictures replacing all the forms of life that once existed and past worship (which is what a cemetery is) consumes society. Satan has started his “Master Plan. How is Satan going to use all of these devices? Only God knows.

A bit of guessing. The war is the origin of the plan. Satan will spread Chaos in the form of riots. Now the prices of the people’s goods are increasing high. From two to five dollars for a package of rolling tobacco. Two dollars for a gallon of gasoline. Most food prices have increased. While at the same time Chaos exposes the lameness of the wealthy castes. This is all in an effort to generate riots. The riots will nearly consume all sanity on the planet. In these riots he will try to kill as many people as he can. The glass above their heads (satellite generated localized earthquakes operated by clandestine interlopers via computer networks), virulent diseases (incubated on people’s own blood samples) spreading out of control. People whose minds are deeply in Chaos; Lunatics: devil worshippers, anarchists, punk rockers, maladjusted people of every type from every wealth level will literally turn into serial killers and begin ravishing (See book “Shadow of the moon” by M.M. Kaye). Wars will pop up in every country. Nuclear weapons will come out where they shouldn’t have existed. Nicola Tesla’s lightning technology in the satellites will wake up and start exterminating dissidents, malcontents, and anyone still holding power. Large armies will rise up and enslave the remainder of the Human population. The nightmare of Taylor Caldwell (“Captain’s and the Kings”, book’s preface) coming true. If this happens Satan would be in complete control of Earth and things would start getting extremely ugly from that point (legalized genocide, no liberty, torture and usury of children to prevent innovation, etc. etc., etc.). You can understand Satan’s “Master Plan” somewhat by listening to the Paranoid album of Black Sabbath: Iron man, electric funeral. You can also understand some of Satan’s “Master Plan” by reading revelations of the bible. As with much of the other material in the Bible it was written by Satan or a Human in Chaos which is Satan’s words.

How Can We Escape The Catastrophe? There is only one way out. So listen good and pass the word before it’s too late. The citizens must seize control of the planet. God will be helping every step of the way.

Step 1: Take control of the corporations so the citizens can provide for themselves.
This will return control of Earth to God (he knows what to do and he’ll take over).

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 7/31/2006 1:05:19 PM

By: GK

Dear Mr. J,

By accident I came across your rather astonishing post.

My name is Gunter Kaiserauer, and I was the Registered Agent and President of World Development Group, LTD, a Delaware Corporation (WDG), while the corporation existed. This corporation was created to facilitate and arrange the purchase of US aircraft by Thai Airways.

As you correctly stated, the corporation was established in CA in April 98, with its only place of business located in Bixby Knolls, Ca. The corporation opened its first and only bank account in May 98.

With these dates in mind, it should be easy to figure out that our World Development Group, Ltd, could not have been the same entity that allegedly bought shares of the referenced Millerton company in March 98. I must conclude that there was or is more than one World Development Group in existence.

For what it's worth, I would like to make the following statements:
a) World Development Group LTD (our company) has never purchased shares of any company
b) World Development Group, LTD (our company) does not know "Millerton" and has had no business relations with such entity or person
c) World Development Group, LTD (our company) does not know "Murphy" and has had no business relations with such entity or person.
d) World Development Group, LTD (our company) does not know a Mr. Abolgar and is unaware of any such person being appointed to anything..

Your further comments about my connection with Freeman & Company takes you even further from the subject of your original research. Yes, I am associated with Freeman & Co. We are in the futures brokerage business. This firm and I are properly registered with the CFTC and the NFA. There is no connection between Freeman & Co and World Development Group, LTD, and even less with the referenced Millerton vs Murphy issue.

Gunter Kaiserauer
Formerly the president of World Development Group, LTD, a Delaware Corporation


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