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American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia SEMINAR
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 6/17/2005 8:16:47 PM

By: Hunter

Anyone going to seminar by American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia??? I would love to go and ask Doug Cameron about Mission Finance, First Mutual Trust of Switzerland, Dorean Group, Shayne Heffernan, and what plans he has for Hunter's mom.

LATVIA: The world's most improved emerging market

Many of you asked for a complete list of participants to our seminar. Please contact the Chamber if you require additional contact details:

Ben Lanza, Medica International, Wisconsin USA

Dmitrij Jermolaev, Russian Embassy Latvia

Toni Lovi, Nokian Capacitors, Estonia-Canada

Douglas Cameron, Mission Finance, Latvia

Sergei Zamascikov, ATI Riga, California, USA

Raimonds Gruntins, Descartes, Latvia

Valdis Vinkels, attorney, Connecticut USA

Peteris Antonovs, Latvia Realty Fund, Latvia

Steven Johnston, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington DC, USA

David O'Hanlon, Tropex, Latvia

Roger Anderson, Hamilton, USA

Thaddeus Wolff, Tropex, Latvia

Vladimir Solomko, Russian Chamber of Commerce, Latvia

Irina Grave, Salans (law office), St. Petersburg, Russia

Gints Vilgerts, Sorainen (law office), Latvia

Peter Lindgren, Interwood, Latvia

Eugenij Loshij, Interwood, Latvia

Janis Kukainis, World Federation of Free Latvians, Maryland USA

John Christmas, Parex Bank, Latvia

Leah Markowitz, CEEBIC, Washington, DC, USA

Below please find the presentations that have been received by AmCham from the Business Seminar:

KPMG tax_ Pres.ppt




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